has announced that its upcoming I/O Developer Conference will run from May 8 through May .

The broke the news in a cryptic tweet (below), sending those savvy enough to crack the code to a website where various clues lay hidden – the date of I/O 2018 and a hint towards what the next flavour of Android could be called.

Notice how we italicised ‘could’? Well, that’s because the teaser is purely circumstantial: tucked away on the interactive website is a mouthwatering image of a pineapple cake – or to be more specific, a pineapple upside-down cake.

- Google Pineapple - Google teases I/O 2018 with a mysterious Android P image

Image: The Verge

The only reasonable conclusion one can draw when stumbling upon an ill-fitting image of a delicious treat on Google’s website is that it’s an indication of the branding it’s mulling over for the next  build of Android.

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Or it could be throwing a major curveball to Android fans and the media alike.

Circling back to I/O 2018, Google is expected to discuss the future of Android, Google Assistant and Google Home at this year’s gathering – and we could even see an all-new version of the firm’s immersive DayDream VR virtual reality platform.

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