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February 13th,

We use visual models all the to make sense of information, scribbled on napkins and in notebooks, spread out across charts and graphics, and in the mapping of user experiences. Some templates for this kind of modeling are effective, while others seem to breed more confusion and complexity than they intend. How do we get it right?

Templates for these models might be an easy bet for the designer to use, but they all have their quirks and limitations. Stephen Anderson challenges us to create the right model for the data and information we have by understanding the elements we use to create them.

When we understand the elements of visual language, we can explore and communicate data more deeply by creating and customizing our own maps and models. We can also identify more easily why some model templates miss the mark.

You need to start communicating complex ideas and concepts with compelling visualizations. To do that you’ll want to spend a day in this amazing UX Immersion: Interactions workshop with Stephen Anderson. Stephen is a world renowned speaker and author of the books, “Seductive Interaction Design” and “Design for Understanding,” which is exactly why you want to learn about visualization from him. And register by this Saturday to save hundreds of your dollars.

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