Visually, is beautiful and stunning. Everything is rendered in 3D with an angled, -down perspective like what you’d find in Monument Valley. However, since the theme is and hacking, there are a ton of fine, futuristic details about the environment that immerses you into the game’s world. I love the various rune-style hieroglyphics and nodes on the surfaces of the architecture, and the light effects are gorgeous. The color palette in is a fantastic mix of dark shades with contrasting vibrant hues, which totally gives off the futuristic vibe. Animations are buttery smooth and fluid, and I experienced no lag or choppiness issues on my iPhone 8 Plus. The soundtrack is atmospheric, immersive, and rather amazing to listen to, so headphones are recommended to get the best experience.

Hyperforma is level-based and also has a storyline, so must go through each stage in chronological order. There’s no skipping around either, so while it starts out easy, it gets progressively more difficult and relies on your skills to complete.

In Hyperforma, players enter a world that takes place 256 years later, after the demise of mankind. Only the Ancient Network is left behind, which is nothing more than empty, endless cyberspace. However, you take on the role of an anonymous explorer, who dives into the cold remains of cyberspace and wants to uncover the secrets of the past civilization. You’ll have to hack your way through Titanic Interfaces and their secured Forms before you can uncover the past, though.

The controls in Hyperforma are simple and intuitive, though it takes to master. Essentially, when you “hack” an interface, it’s essentially a game of Brick Breaker, except it’s in 3D and a lot more intricate. You swipe up to “launch” the hacking beam, and your goal is to destroy the black blocks that surround the core, which has a unique symbol on it. To hack some cores, you’ll have to get around their , which is indestructible white blocks. Some of the black blocks also have symbols on them, and these can do things like detonate and destroy adjacent blocks once they’re hit.

As the hacking beam bounces around the screen, you’ll want to rotate the interface in the center by dragging your fingers around the screen. So instead of moving a paddle, you’re moving the 3D structure to ensure that the beam hits the blocks you want. When there’s an opening to the core, you’ll want to tap on the “Attack” button near the middle of the screen to hit it, as that’s the only way to get inside the core and get the .

You’ll have to watch out for the red lasers that move along the edges of the screen as you rotate the core. If you hit these, then you’ve failed and have to try again. It starts out with one laser, but then more can show up as you make progress, so keep an eye out for those.

When you successfully hack a core and complete a stage, you’ll earn some experience points. As you level up, you’ll get stronger and gain access to new hacking skills, like dishing out more damage and getting rid of multiple blocks at a time. To access your skills, just tap the button at the bottom to bring up what’s available and then select the one you want to use. There’s a cooldown for each one before you can use it again.

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