- Kevin Kornegay 200x300 - HBCU Innovation in Internet of Things SecurityDr. Kevin T. Kornegay led a research team at Morgan State University that received a $999,450 grant awarded by the National Science Foundation. In 2016, Morgan State University announced the establishment of Dr. Kevin Kornegay as the Endowed Chair in  of Things (IoT) .

This February, he was one of the researchers from historically black colleges and universities to receive an Innovation Award.

“The HBCU Innovation Award to me validates my commitment to the discovery process by serving as a true measure of ‘staying relevant,’” Kornegay said. “Innovative ideas can be transformative in creating a new technology field; grow existing fields, or cause a leader to become obsolete. Innovation impacts us all personally, professionally, and globally.”

Kornegay’s research aims to make devices we have come to depend upon, as well as new technology, safer when it comes to transferring over a network.

The research team is using reverse engineering techniques to unveil potential hardware security gaps that may be present in an Internet of Things (IoT) device and develop countermeasures to prevent access of confidential information and ensure functional operation during a cyber-attack.

Th National Science Foundation award enabled Morgan to explore a unique aspect of research and develop an embedded systems security certificate program.

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