Both and said that the majority of their 2018 TVs will +, either from the factory or via firmware upgrades. And according to the + consortium, “20th Century Fox has committed to incorporating + in its upcoming new release slate … and plans to announce availability in the coming weeks.”

- FB Blu ray v2 730x383 - HDR10+ support comes to 4K Samsung and Panasonic 4K TVs

Panasonic’s latest 4K Blu-ray players support both Dolby Vision and HDR10+

Consumers might wonder why another HDR format is needed when we already have Dolby Vision and HDR10, and the answer is all about money. Dolby Vision offers a superior viewer experience to HDR10, but filmmakers and TV manufacturers have to pay significant fees to use it. That’s why Samsung, along with Amazon, decided to launch a royalty-free alternative. While not completely free, adopters are required to pay just a “nominal administrative fee,” the HDR10+ group said.

With regular HDR10, night scenes can look “significantly darker than was originally envisioned by the director,” Samsung said last year. To prevent that, both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision use “dynamic metadata,” pre-encoded into scenes, rather than the fixed metadata used in HDR10. That allows creators to adjust brightness and color levels on a frame-by-frame basis. HDR10+ does lack some Dolby Vision features, like support for super-bright ,000 nit TVs and 12-bit color encoding, but few consumer TVs have those features yet.

While your new TV might have HDR10+, you’ll have to wait for something to watch. Only 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. are currently on , and no programs are yet encoded, let alone available to buy or stream. With the hardware available, however, we should hear content announcements soon.

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