Clear Your Mind and Regain Focus

Whether you prefer meditation sessions that are led by others or self-guided, these apps can help set the mood and atmosphere.

Gaia: Streaming Consciousness  - 300x300bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

Fantastic yoga videos, but definitely weird sentiments

Gaia: Streaming Consciousness

If you’re looking for great yoga videos this app is for you, but you might not love it all.

Enjoy unlimited streaming of exclusive and original programming, inspiring films and documentaries, and yoga classes taught by the masters. A true alternative to mainstream media Gaia provides ancient wisdom from a modern perspective. They are a constantly evolving network designed to inspire their members to live a whole and conscious life.

Why we love it

We love it for the yoga, but there is definitely some things in this app that should be taken with a grain of salt. Their alternative views on things like global warming are interesting to say the least. But again, we love it for the yoga.

Zen  - 300x300bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

Be guided through meditation sessions based on category and mood.


For those who like guided meditation and apps with relaxation and reflection features.

Zen Guided Meditation is the perfect Apple TV for meditating or just relaxing. With the guided meditations, you can get a little help winding down or falling asleep. The reflection and relaxation sections of the app are terrific with lovely scenery, inspirational quotes, and soothing sounds. For a meditation app that offers extras like these, it is a definite must-have if you appreciate this genre.

Why we love it

Zen Guided Meditation provides sessions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, offers comforting sights and sounds, and brings an overall feeling of calmness right to your living room.

Zen Mixer: Guided Meditation  - 300x300bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

Zen Mixer: Guided Meditation

BrainCake Inc.

For those who want an Apple TV meditation app where they can choose from guided sessions, ambient music, or both.

Zen Mixer – Guided Meditation offers music and sounds for a relaxing meditation session. You can also get guidance with the daily sessions and the app lets you choose from simply sounds or the -guided assistance. Plus, you can use a timer to end your session when it’s best for you. For beginners, Zen Mixer is a great Apple TV app choice.

Why we love it

For those just starting to meditate for the first time, Zen Mixer – Guided Meditation for Apple TV is ideal.

Know Your Body and Be Informed

Keep your body healthy by staying in-the-know with common problems and conditions as well as remedies that can help.

Homeveda  - 200x200bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

Get details on common conditions and diseases along with home remedies and healthy tips.


Browse and learn  - 00001 - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

For those who like to get information on health conditions that include remedies.

Homeveda is a handy and useful app to add to your Apple TV collection. The selection of videos is categorized nicely so that you can easily browse or find what you need quickly. With simple tips for health and beauty to home remedies for common conditions, a health app like Homeveda is a definite keeper.

Why we love it

Homeveda offers information on many health-related problems and can help answer questions you may have. View symptoms and home remedies for common health issues with an easy-to-use, convenient app for Apple TV.

For those who…

  • Have an interest in details for common health problems
  • Like to check out and try home remedies

Not for those who…

  • Prefer your current health or medical information app
  • Are not interested in learning about common issues or home remedies

Relieve Your Stress with Sounds

Sometimes it just takes simple relaxation to reduce your stress and lift your spirits. These apps will let you close your eyes and just listen as the anxiety rolls away.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds  - 300x300bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

With more than just rain, you can fall asleep to the exact sounds that make you drowsy.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

For those who fall asleep easier by hearing the hum of a plane or cracks of thunder.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds provides a big variety of storms and downpours along with soft and pleasant rains. In addition, the app has sounds for nature like winds and streams, transportation such as airplanes and trains, and even appliances like a washing machine and dishwasher. The static images provide nice pictures and the matching sounds are perfect to help soothe you.

Why we love it

If the hum of an airplane or gently dripping water is what makes you drowsy, then Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is the Apple TV app for you. It offers many different rain sounds, as the name implies, but also provides other sound options to help you fall asleep.

Atmo: Live Relaxing HD Scenes  - 300x300bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

Relax with stunning sights and soothing sounds.

Atmo: Live Relaxing HD Scenes

For those who appreciate beautiful scenes with tranquil sounds.

Atmo: HD scenes of Aquarium, Fireplace and Nature provides comforting visual and audio effects for unwinding after a long day. Choose from a calming fireplace, relaxing river morning, or a tranquil aquarium. Each stunning display is complete with peaceful sounds to match and more are available via in-app purchase.

Why we love it

With simple yet beautiful scenes, Atmo: HD scenes of Aquarium, Fireplace and Nature provides -quality visuals with peaceful sounds making it perfect for any relaxing occasion.

SoundShade  - 300x300bb - Healthy Apple TV Apps for Mind, Body and Soul

Create the perfect mix of sounds to help you unwind.


For those who enjoy creating custom sound combinations

SoundShade offers a unique set of customizable sounds for every taste. Choose those from the forest like birds and wind or from the home such as a fireplace or clock. Then mix the sounds on the main screen by moving them to different locations. This will allow you to create the perfect volume for each sound and the overall effect.

Why we love it

If you like to create your own soothing sound mixes, then SoundShade is the app for you. Combine sounds from indoors and outdoors to produce the perfect calming effect.

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