Hi, I’ve never developed an in my insignificant life, but I do have experience in graphic design and game design and believe that I am in desperate enough circumstances that my sheer need to have my high school back will drive me to create it.

You see, a few years ago there was this brilliant app called petaco. You can read about it on Google, but basically, it’s a app that was meant to be used by friends and couples as a way to keep a beautiful of their lives on their . I know that there are many more collaborative apps, but I found that this one was much easier to navigate, and I have found that the cuteness and simplicity made it so I enjoyed expressing my ideas rather than feeling like a collaborative app was too much work. They shut down the app years ago, all my beautiful scrapbook work was gone, and I have missed it so terribly. It won’t load up anymore. I realized I need something like this now that I am starting a business and it wouldn’t hurt to make in the hours of I have between my classes.

My question is, where exactly would I start with making a collaborative app like this? I know that it is, in a way, kind of like a classic drag and drop dressup game, but with text input, the ability to upload pictures, and most importantly, the collaborative feature.

I want to make it so you can add people to a group, start a book with them, customize the appearance of the pages, upload pictures to the pages, use text boxes and stickers pre loaded into the app, and yeah, a simple collaborative scrapbook. I’m not asking for someone to hold my hand and lead me through this process, I just want to know where I should start. Thanks.

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