As we are getting closer to September th, rumors and speculations about Apple’s upcoming devices and tweaks keep popping up on the . Everyone is curious to see what Apple has in store for the future and today we are going to check out what’s new in macOS Mojave.

This is one of the biggest software updates that Apple will release in and it represents a huge milestone for Mac users since this is the first update that they receive after numerous years of having to use the same operating system.

One of the coolest things about Apple is that the company likes to make all its updates unique. The new macOS Mojave was revealed during the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference and the developers who are in charge of it have been inspired by the dark of the desert. Therefore, one of macOS Mojave highlight features is going to be a new system-wide Dark Mode.

System-Wide Dark Mode

System-Wide Dark Mode  - 1 3 1024x640 - Here are the Top Five New Features

Mac fans should be happy to know that the upcoming operating system will feature a special mode that will make working on the computer easier on their eyes. macOS Mojave will feature a system-wide mode called Dark Mode which alters the color intensity and brightness of everything starting with dock and ending with native macOS apps such as iTunes, Mail and the Calendar. In addition, the Dark Mode is an optional feature and Apple is not forcing anyone to use it.

Dynamic Desktop

Dynamic Desktop  - 2 1 1024x828 - Here are the Top Five New Features

Apple wants to make sure that using macOS Mojave never gets boring and it developed a new feature called Dynamic Desktop. As the feature’s name implies, Dynamic Desktop will seamlessly change background wallpapers.

Moreover, Apple is also adding another feature called Desktop Stacks which make it easier for macOS Mojave users to organize their desktop files into neat piles that can be categorized by tags, date and format type.

New Finder Sidebar

Even though having a feature that changes background wallpapers without users even noticing it might be nice, macOS Mojave will ship with a plethora of other amazing features that will prove to be quite useful. Apple has added a new Finder Sidebar which has been designed to display important information at a glance.

Another important feature that macOS Mojave fans are going to enjoy within Finder are contextual and customizable Quick Actions. The new Quick Actions make it simpler for macOS Mojave fans will be able to interact with files and get fast access to actions such as editing files and rotating them, all without leaving the Finder interface.

Taking Screenshots

Taking Screenshots  - 3 1024x640 - Here are the Top Five New Features

Apple knows that taking screenshots is important to people’s work and it’s enhancing the way they work on macOS Mojave. Just like in iOS 11, macOS Mojave will get a bunch of nifty screen capture tools whenever they take a screenshot.

Furthermore, macOS Mojave will now feature a redesigned interface and a Continuity Camera which can be used to import pictures and scanned documents to an iPhone.

Improved Safari Protection

Improved Safari Protection  - 4 1 - Here are the Top Five New Features

Safari is the default web browser that Apple installs on all its operating systems and macOS Mojave is not an exception. What makes Safari stand out from the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is the fact that Apple puts a high price on security and its always improving Safari’s security systems.

With that said, Safari on macOS Mojave will now feature a better protection system that blocks all websites from the user’s through maliciously designed share buttons, comment sections and like buttons. This means that macOS Mojave users will not be tracked by websites without them giving permission first.

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