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What #WalletProblems do you have? For us, personally, some of the problems we can name from the of our head are style, thickness, and neatness. We’ve come across hundreds of wallets. Some are stylish but are too thick. Some are neat and thin but design-wise, a total meh.

If there’s one that addresses all these, we haven’t seen it. Well, at least, not until we found RIN bi-fold by the Rever Brand.

You see, the Rever Brand shares our sentiments. They know that most, if not all, wallets out there are the same and indistinguishable. Hence, they created RIN bi-fold wallet to address these problems.

More , here are what it offers.

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Have you ever seen your wallet beside others and thought, “which the F is mine?” We know, right? Notwithstanding the contents, most of them look almost the same.

RIN addresses this issue by drawing creative inspiration from modern architecture and design. By incorporating modern lines to a tradition bi-fold canvas, the Rever Brand is able to realize a wallet design that stands out from the .

Each RIN bi-fold is crafted with three distinct opulent leathers–Italian leather, Epi-leather, and calfskin leather–that provide the level of design and quality that rivals other bi-fold wallets from leading brands. “RIN’s design is an infusion of traditional and quality materials,” explained Chris Paragas, Revel Brand founder.

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How many times have you lost your wallet because it’s too thick to be tucked properly in your back pockets? Annoying, isn’t it?

RIN addresses that by efficiently integrating card slots to the main leather panel of the wallet. The result is 70% reduction in thickness derived from stacking leather material. Hence, even if you have a lot in your wallet, it won’t be as bulky as the other brands’.

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Some wallets, in their effort to lessen thickness, restricted the number of cards you can stash in it. But not RIN bi-fold wallet. Despite the promised 70% reduction in thickness, this wallet can still hold up to eight cards and at least 10 bills thanks to the neatly and cleverly compartments.

That’s not all.

Aside from holding almost all your cards, this wallet also guarantees easy access to each of the contents and RFID .

What’s more, it comes with a coin barrel carabiner so you can easily and conveniently access your coins when you need it. We like this feature a lot because there’s no need to reach deep into your pockets when you need some loose change. They also won’t damage your cards or make your butt look weirdly uneven because of a bulky back pocket.

The Rever Brand is a California-based design company that draws inspiration from the various products we have on the market today. It looks and assesses different angles then asks, “How can we make a better version of this?”

It then applies its expertise to provide its with a better experience through its redefined accessories.

If you want easy and neat access to your cards and cash, less bulk in your pockets or bags, and eye-catching wallet design without compromising quality and security, the RIN bi-fold wallet is for you. It has all the features conveniently rolled into one awesome-looking product.

So back this project now and get this cool wallet along with rewards for only $47.

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