- HEXA alone - HEXA – the crab robot you control

Wanna get into robotics but just don’t know where to start? Well HEXA is here for you! The little that is waiting for you to teach it great things. Experiment, discover new ways of doing through robotics with this kit.

This little robot is really quite adorable and modern looking. According to the website, your purchase gives you everything you need to get started with robotics. The robot, of course, charging cord, simulator, and the . The robot has a 720p camera with night vision and distance measuring sensor to help it navigate.

The concept is that you’ll be able to model the functionality after what you find useful instead of just getting a robot made for a specific function, you define the function. A cute concept but this kit does not come cheap for the hobbyist. One will run you $949.

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Donyae’s love for technology is based on a need to survive our future robotic overlords. Know thy enemy as you know yourself. But since even odds are on the zombie future, she has also learned how to prepare squirrel. You can find her on Facebook until the robots – or zombies – rise up.

Donyae Coles – who has written posts on The Red Ferret Journal.

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