For many people, online stories are the source of news about the world we live in. We often tune into the stories our friends share on our social media channels.

But how can we always be sure the stories we’re reading are accurate? Is there an agenda to distort facts to change opinions? Does a story assert falsehoods, misquote its subjects or rely on hyperbole? In short: is the news we’re consuming the truth? Or is it “fake news?”

Meet Mike Tamir, an analytics hero who uses science to take fake news head-on. Mike is the head of science at Uber’s Advanced Technology Group as well as a specialist on the science faculty at the University of California – Berkeley.

Mike uses natural language processing and deep learning to detect the intent of a news story. And then he shares those insights so people can better navigate news, learn facts and know the truth.

Learn more in our analytics superhero comic book:

On ? Download the comic book.

Want to know more about how analytics are reshaping business? Follow Mike on twitter @MikeTamir. And check out our no-cost e-book, Machine Learning for Dummies.

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