Suddenly chatbots are hot and they have become the happening thing on the web. Yes, chatbots came with a solution to the pain of human engagement for many companies. With chatbots, companies now can deliver answers to all sorts of queries and guide customers
around the clock without a dedicated manpower team engaged for this throughout the day. This replacement of human intervention and engagement with smart automated technologies is what made chatbots so popular in websites. No wonder, many giants of the web
also started to utilize chatbots for their respective platforms. Thus it has been a year since Facebook came with chatbots on .

Just as the chatbots offer a huge boost to the marketing drive for business websites, businesses can find Messenger immensely valuable as well. Whether you want to run promotions or special offers or just want to deliver contents suitable for specific
individuals or just want to provide a prompt customer service through Messenger, this new bot from the platform will allow you doing a lot. Do you want to make your social marketing perfect and result driven? Just utilize Messenger Bot to the fullest potential.

1. Content marketing through Messenger 

Business as part of their content marketing strategy and to drive traffic to their web pages can make use of chatbots effectively. As a founder of
mobile app development company, I know how content marketing is important for business. Messenger Bots can help a website nurturing relationships and creating loyal bonds that further can help them
to suggest contents to their audience and drive them to respective web pages. The bot in the Messenger can initiate a meaningful conversation around a query and can guide the user to respective pages. Here are some effective tips to consider. 

  • Messenger being deeply interlinked with Facebook easily notifies the audience about any messages and any content posts on either of the platforms. From a message, you can on the content or vice versa. 
  • You can watch out the activities of your audience on Facebook and accordingly send the messages guiding this about relevant posts on Facebook and in your website. 
  • Through Messenger, the all new Bot can request the audience to like and follow your business page and visit your site for specific contents. 
  • Your bot can guide users with relevant answers to their queries and thereafter for more depth can guide them to certain pages. 

. Serving customers with offers and promotions

If mobile apps were popular for acting as automated services, chatbots are the next natural solution to take their place. Unlike mobile, they allow complete automation for a whole range of services. Just as we used to tell our users to download mobile apps
to stay connected and get some offers, now we can tell customers to get special offers anything through Messenger Bots. Here are some ways the new bot on Messenger can help in serving customers with promotions and offers. 

  • You can announce promotional offers for individual customers.
  • Give discounts for products with some predetermined triggers for customers.
  • Can message en-masse for promotions and campaigns.
  • Can answer customer queries on promotional offers.
  • Can take advice and suggestions on promotions and campaigns.

3. Build a strong bond with your audience

Every marketer knows that conversation builds a bond. Most customers like to hear from their or frequently connected brands, at least once in a while if not quite regularly. As your business grows and you become short of manpower maintaining this
human face of business with frequent conversation becomes even more difficult. That is when social chat bots like that of Messenger comes to aid. 

You can continue to provide your audience charm with a mixed bag of engaging contents like games, helpful articles, and blogs, news related to the industry, reminders, guides, helpful tips, weather forecasts, and reports, etc. 

4. Provide customer service for online stores

Very recently a lot of web stores started using bots to deliver round the clock service. Their experience has been really fascinatingly simple and effective. With bots, most customers say they require less to decide on their purchase and complete the
sales. Bots are smarter enough to work as per customer behavior insights that they get from the respective algorithms. A Messenger Bot also helps to better customer service in more ways than one. 

  • The Bot can guide you doing changes to an account
  • The Bot can also help updating billing information, email addresses, and personal details. 
  • A Bot can listen to your queries regarding availability and delivery right on Messenger. 
  • Can guide you concerning payment procedure. 
  • Can handle complaints and facilitate service. 

5. Guiding customers through purchase

Finally, chatbots on Messenger can really work as a catalyst to boost sales just as they are relied upon to do so in ecommerce sites. Just like the bots on web stores, the bot on the Messenger can also guide the customers to go through the sales process.
The bot can show you the products you are looking for on Messenger and process sales of the same tight through the Messenger. Thus using this new social bot you can order your products and avail services of your choice. 

  • A Messenger Bot can display several product options without requiring the customer to leave the platform. 
  • The bot by asking the customer of information such as name, delivery address and phone number ensures delivering them. 
  • While choosing the products customers can select among several filters to come to the product of their choice quickly. 
  • When searching through chatbot the customer can to search by typing the name or keyword on the Search function

To conclude,

Messenger bots can be as effective as regular chat bots on the web, provided you know how to make use of it for business-specific purposes. In fact, with this bot in place you can consider having a powerful automated customer service and vending tool outside
of your business. This new and powerful tool still remained largely underutilized by most businesses. Before others jump on to this bot craze, it is high time you have your own bot strategy on Messenger.

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