Hello fellow programmers,

On Thursday, August 0th, I have a technical interview for a Jr. Software Engineer for a company in Atlanta, GA. They want me to review the following bullet points prior to my interview:

• Hive Bucketing & Partioning

• Spark RDDs

• Dataframes

• Dataset differences

• Spark vs MapReduce


• Star Schema

• Table Join basics


• AWS Lambda Functions

• Kinesis vs Kafka

I have a few questions for you guys with experience with Big Data companies.

1.) When it comes to partitioning and bucketing, does the company want me to learn the basic concepts (ie. what they do) or learn how to make queries with the two?

2.) When it comes to the technical part of the interview (ie. code in Python), what exact concepts should I review exactly? I’m aware I have to know basic join tables, AWS Lambda functions in Python, but what else?

3.) Where can I review AWS Lambda functions online?

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