I can't seem to make a that runs it's own files on of another program, or to get it to run within the it's placed. This is somewhat difficult to explain so I'll use an example:

ExeBuilder is a Delphi that has been containerized with that reads a given Studio project's files settings and folders to generate entrypoints for said project. The manner in which it works is simple, the user only needs to place ExeBuilder.exe in the desired project's directory. The program then runs it's components based off of what it finds within the same directory as it's self. My goal is somewhat similar, I am developing a mod that forces dynamic screen resolutions for games that don't initially support them. I can take the separate files, place them in a game's folder, and successfully run the game and my mod this way.

I can consolidate my mod into a single binary and have it run the game, but the mod files don't seem to run. What's strange about this is that my mod works like this:

Batch file runs> Batch file points to mod> Mod is launched> Mod points to game> Mod runs on top of game 

but the mod is somehow bypassed even though the batch script is as the entrypoint and should be running my mod first. I do not understand how the mod is placed first to run, but never is even though the game is somehow executed. Essentially what I'm trying to accomplish is to get my mod containerized, then run as though all of it's components are within the same folder as a given game and execute it's self accordingly. Here is a screenshot of my most successful build settings.

I believe the Working directory: settings are what need to be changed, but nothing I do seems to work. Here is a list of everything I've tried with these settings:


I know this is possible, I just don't know how to properly configure my container. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm not to release my mod yet, so I'll be keeping some details a secret unless they are absolutely necessary. If this is not the appropriate place to post, please inform me and I will remove it.

I posted this originally on Super User here if some one would like to provide an answer there. Any useful information will receive upvotes.

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