I for a small e-commerce company. We have native apps and a website, and we217;re use an Agile approach to build these.

There are about of us in total across all disciplines (inluding 4 iOS devs, 4 Android devs, 8 devs). Currently the dev is sub-divided by platform, with a central pool of and designers that are assigned to these streams when relevant.

We’re scaling up fast in all streams so the decision has been made to adopt Spotify’s “ (

I’m sceptical of the framework. The Spotify guys make comments like “We make mistakes. We’re don’t get things perfect.” and “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” I’m worried that this framework is going to cause chaos in a team of our size.

I have so many questions:

What might each squad’s purpose be in an e-commerce company? In a team of ~30, won’t we be spread too thin?

Also, how on earth do business goals and user research fit into the framework? Spotify say the framework enables alignment but, if each squad is doing their own thing, how can this be?

Has anyone used the framework successfully? What made it work well?

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