Are your efforts to leverage all your hampered by poor or outdated management? Recent surveys show that only 40 percent of companies consider themselves -driven. And what’s worse, 83 percent say they suffer problems because of inaccuracy.

In today’s increasingly business world, a company’s data comes from many sources, in many different formats, and served to a range of stakeholders. In this infographic, we illustrate the paths data can take coming into and out of an organization. We highlight the most important features to look for in a data governance and integration solution.

Check out “Avoid Garbage In, Garbage Out with consistent data governance” below to:

  • Explore the impact that social media and the Internet of Things may have on your business.
  • Learn how minor inconsistencies in your data can lead to problems with analytics output.
  • Discover how governance and integration can help you achieve better business outcomes.

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