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payments may not be mainstream in the United States quite yet, but it’s growing to be a more popular payment method as new smartphones, devices, and features make their way across the consumer stage. The varied payment platforms that are now vying for consumer interest will have to make sure that their platform doesn’t just meet a customer’s individual needs, but actively drives value to that individual customer.

This was a question tackled by several payments experts during the NextGen Mobile Payments panel at the 2018 conference earlier this month, who concluded that it was about maintaining a smooth, easy experience for the customer regardless of if they switch cards or payment methods.

The payments experts discuss this question in the below, where panelists such as Pablo Cohan, senior vice president, North America digital payments for Mastercard point to use case and rewards as ways to value.

Others on the panel, such as Ashish Tajpuria, senior vice president, head of emerging payments and commerce partnerships for Bank of America, and Michael Orlando, president for FItPay, expressed similar thoughts on the panel, agreeing that “it all comes down to use case” and that “ubiquity of acceptance is critical.”

And the final member of the panel, Mike Panzarella, chief design officer for Green Dot, noted that “consumers love things that help them but they also don’t like change.”

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