Many a time, smartphones are defamed for many things, but they are helping various to improve their health through fitness apps.

According to new research from analytics Flurry, fitness app usage in the US has seen a sudden increase in the last past few years, growing by 330% between 2014 and 2017.

With the increasing popularity of health and fitness apps, the investment in personal training and fitness apps is growing constantly. As per the research2guidance report, the fitness and health market will grow from 10$ billion to $31 billion by 2020.

research-to-guidance-fitness-app-usage-graph how much does it cost to develop a fitness app like classpass? - research to guidance fitness app usage graph - How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App like ClassPass?

Recently, the biggest fitness class subscription service provider ‘ClassPass’ has announced that it is planning to offer a budget-friendly option for routine price hikes. The company has declared that it is going to launch a new service, called ClassPass Live in 2018.

Now, subscribers are allowed to live stream workouts rather than attending classes in-person. The workouts are formed in-house at the company’s Brooklyn-based studios. Subscribers of the can watch live or stream later from their TV, browser, smartphone or tablet. Initially, the service will be available in the US only.

Apart from this, there are various types of health and fitness apps that widely used by people worldwide. Let’s check out different types of fitness apps that are highly demanded by people.

1. Personal Trainers-based App

The most demanded fitness apps are personal trainers-based that comprise pre-arranged exercise routines, which can come in different formats, including video, voice control guidance, 3D models, and illustrations.

With this type of fitness applications, you can easily a workout, which matches your personal preferences like easy, moderate, hard, etc. You can use these apps from the comfort of your home and perform different exercises without any gym.

One such popular personal training app is Jefit that is the #1 gym workout app for and iOS platform. It allows users to manage their training routine and keep constant track of their workout progress easily.

2. Fitness Apps To Logging Routines

When it comes to logbook-based applications, this type of fitness apps enables people to plan and record their personal exercise routine. Even, they can also record their diet plan like what they are eating, drinking, etc.

It can be a great solution for gym training to log different exercises that they are performing. Even there are lots of log-based health and fitness applications that allow users to write down their entire routine the way they work best for them. They can easily specify rep ranges, pick weight based on their intensity or they can also define supersets, etc.

Let’s take an example of GymRun Workout Diary and Fitness Tracker is the best logbook fitness application that allows users to create their workout plans and daily routines. Even this app comes with customizable built-in exercise database with different charts, session reports, statistics and more.

3. Fitness Tracking Apps That Can Be Paired With Smartwatches

The third type of fitness and health apps are those applications that can be paired with smartwatches. This type of applications allows people to track their fitness activity like steps, running, climbing, total burning calories, etc.

Even, there are lots of smart gyms that rely on a network of sensors and NFC tags so that they can track users’ activity within the gym. Smartwatches and devices are counting every single rep, , exercises and log this information and then present it to the mobile application.

Runkeeper is a GPS-based tracker that is loved by fitness buffs and others, who are healthy minded. This application is specially developed for those people, who wanted to track their running, hiking, walking, etc.

Developing a fitness application like ClassPass is not as difficult as it sounds, you can have your own fitness app just like a ClassPass app and allow fitness enthusiastic to exercise with your app to get instant results.

From the comfort of their home, they can participate in different exercise programs, but make sure that your app has these below-mentioned features.

  • Explore Different Exercise Programs: One of the most important features that you can provide your users is exploring different exercise programs according to their need and choice. You can give them different options to choose from.
  • Guidance Through Animated Trainers or Videos: Provide your app users with a complete guidance with animated trainers and videos so that they find it easy to exercise.
  • Timer: Timer is one of the common features in any fitness application that help users to calculate and track their exercises. They can also track rest intervals that they are taking in the middle of workouts.
  • Recommendations: The second essential feature is recommendations. You can recommend your users with different exercises and programs according to their body and future goals so that they can achieve them easily. With the right recommendation, they will be optimistic towards their goals.
  • Favorites: Allow users to mark their favorite exercises like yoga, Zumba, aerobics, training, Pilates, etc. By selecting favorites, it will be easy for you to choose the selected exercises.
  • Notifications: Last, but not least is notifications that are considered highly essential when it comes fitness apps development. You can notify your users about their goals through notifications.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App Like ClassPass?

The cost of developing a fitness application like ClassPass mainly depends on the features, functionalities, and the platform (Android & iOS) that you want to develop on.

However, we have mentioned estimation hours of developing following given features that are must-have for any fitness application:

estimation-hours-of-developing-fitness-app-features how much does it cost to develop a fitness app like classpass? - estimation hours of developing fitness app features - How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App like ClassPass?
These are the estimation hours of developing fitness app features; however, it also depends on the android app development company’s proficiency that you are hiring for your project. Moreover, you can also include some other features that you think can play important role in your app and make it the best fitness app.

Still, if you have any confusion or query related to cost of developing fitness app, you can get in touch with us through below given form and our representatives will get back to you with a right solution. Till that, you can explore some of the fitness apps that developed by us:




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