This blog is for the startups and Entrepreneurs who want to create a finance budget app, which can help users to manage their finances. Herein, we have rounded up the top features of MoneyLion, finance app, and its development cost.

From getting an update of football scores to booking the taxi on-the-go, this is all get done with just one click through our smart devices. We do get instant updates no matter where we are.

When it comes to managing money, from bank account management to complicated financial planning – this is a little that we can’t do while on the go. Luckily, there is a solution available to manage the finances better with the help of personal finance app like Mint, Venmo, Acorn, Level Money, Goodbudget, Wally and MoneyLion.

In this list, we are going to discuss MoneyLion app. MoneyLion app does provide solutions to tackle your own saving crisis. It is more than budget-tracking, plus personal finance app, Super helpful, isn’t it?
According to the report on their official website, “MoneyLion has launched new features in its mobile app to prevent as well as reduce consumers’ vulnerability to overdraft fees and other bank changes, in the year of 2017”

Therefore, the personal finance app, MoneyLion helps Americans to tackle the rising burden of bank charges, plus tackle the challenge of fees of NSF i.e. non-sufficient fund and overdraft fees.

In addition, “The personal finance app – MoneyLion is using technology – iOS’11 ARKit to offer an augmented reality feature, called as Grow Your Stack”, according to the Tearsheet.

Moreover, the recent report of TechCrunch says, “the best budget app for android, MoneyLion has raised $42M in Series B funding. It brings total equity funding $67M since its emergence year 201”.

Talking about the personal finance app, in brief, MoneyLion is an all-in-one platform for finance-related challenges. Also, the user can connect his bank account and credit card to know more about the credit scores, and can access to loans to help and improve the fluctuation in monthly income and expenses.

Top Features to Include to Create Finance App Like MoneyLion

1. Allow Free Credit Monitoring

This is one of the pivotal features that the ideal personal finance app must possess. If we talk about the feature – credit card monitoring, the mobile app must have the following attributes within the credit monitoring:

1.On- Payments
2.Credit Age
3.Credit Utilization
4.Credit Inquiries

From on-time payments, credit age and credit inquiries, these features within a personal finance app – you can provide your mobile app users one-stop solution of credit monitoring.

In order to check the free credit card monitoring, user need to fill essential credentials in the form to confirm his identity, First/Last name, Home address, City, State, Zip Code, Last 4 digit of SSN (Social Security Number) for bank-level encryption to secure the data, and Net monthly income.

By providing the feature like credit card monitoring, which is included essential sub-features further – you can allow your mobile app users to track all expenses.

2. Enable to Link Bank Accounts & Get Personalized Money Tips On That Basis

Another pivotal feature, which you need to include to provide your app users is – personalized money tips.

With this feature, all your app users need to link their bank accounts. By doing so, it enables to give custom recommendations on how to make your own money work for you. By analyzing user’s unique spending patterns and provide personalized money tips on how you can save money every day.

Personalized money tips  - Image 22 300x171 - How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Personal Finance App like MoneyLion?

3.Earn Points & Rewards

In order to offer your app users to earn points and the rewards to encourage them to turn out their shopping habits into additional discounted merchandise. In the personal finance app like MoneyLion, you can offer different rewards such as cash back credits, and to earn points for spending through credit cards. In this way, you can encourage your app users with lucrative offers in terms of features within the app.

earn points and rewards  - Image 31 - How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Personal Finance App like MoneyLion?

Hence, the app users would find out a new and unique way to use the personal finance app like MoneyLion. And, likewise, your future budget app will be also providing the same features to the app users.

So, aforementioned are the top features, which you can add if you are planning to develop finance app like MoneyLion, allowing users to improve their financial with above-mentioned free tools.

Before going through the cost of developing personal finance app like MoneyLion, below we’ve compiled top 7 personal finance apps.

Top 7 Personal Finance Apps Like MoneyLion

If you’re ready to plan to create a finance app like MoneyLion, spend your few minutes in the below table. We’ve rounded up the top seven finance apps, check them out:

Sr. No. Personal Finance Apps
1. Mint
2. Acorn
3. Credit Karma
4. Digit
5. Goodbudgeti
6. Wally
7. PocketGuard


How Much Does it Cost to Develop Finance App Like MoneyLion?

In order to provide you the estimation that would suit your requirements, budget, and will help out to clearly understand the app.

Note: At first, it seems easy to develop an app like MoneyLion. But, it’s not. They have continuously worked and improved their application, day by day. They have understood the problems of their end users. Overall, they are solving a real life problem. If you are planning to make a personal finance app like MoneyLion, we encourage you that you validate your idea. Validate if it’s solving a real life problem or not. Your first purpose should be to help your end users like MoneyLion does, not just to make money out of your app.

In order to know the cost of development, we approached our Business Analyst team. The Business Analyst team spent 2 to 3 hours in order to craft the essential features of an ideal personal finance app. Here are the features, which are listed below, please have a look.

Email address & Password

Sign Up
First Name, Last Name, Email Address & Password

The User will be able to add multiple bank accounts. All the sensitive data such as User’s ID and Password, which is related to bank will be encrypted and would not be stored anywhere on the app side.

Track Credit Scores
Track Spending, Savings, and Credit Score. All the data will be fetched from the linked bank accounts.

Credit Monitoring
Track and boost The Credit Score

Loan Payments
The loan repayments will be reported to concerning authorities.

Personalized Tips for Improving Finance on daily basis
Tips will be shown on the Home Screen


(i)  Profile Management:
It includes profile picture, expense information, income information, mobile number, Social Security Number, driving license image. (All data will be confidential.)

(ii) General Settings:

It includes the Static pages like – About us, Contact us, Terms and conditions, Rate Us, Policy, Change the Unit of Currency & and Logout.

Push Notifications
The User will receive notifications in the following scenarios:

  • When the new update is received in the Home section.
  • When any activity will occur in the bank account, which is linked to the app.

APIs for Development
API for fetching the list of all the banks of the region in which mobile app is published.

  • API for determining the services offered to the user based on high credit scores.
  • API for verifying the user’s license details.

As a mobile app development company, we analyzed the top features of MoneyLion app. We have created a sheet, which includes in detail information of features and its corresponding development hours. It’s free. But, you have to take a step. Fill out the form below, and ask us for the sheet. We will send you the complete detail within 16 working hours.




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