“Fast” seems like a simple concept, on the surface. Go fast enough and you can win races, even highly competitive ones like Formula 1 auto racing. But it takes a complex, sophisticated IT setup to get to the necessary level of fast, according to the CIO of Red Bull Racing, Matt Cadieux.

In particular, the extensive deployment that the team uses to squeeze the maximum  performance out of its cars is to success, Cadieux said

The car

Naturally enough, it all starts with the car. F1 cars are essentially very light-weight, low-flying aircraft, mating an engine capable of around 600 horsepower with a fiberglass body and spindly chassis weighing in at about 1,500 pounds. They can get from zero to 0mph in an incendiary four seconds, corner like waterbugs, and keep drivers relatively safe even from collisions at the blistering speeds that F1 races can reach.

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