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This blog will reveal the information regarding – the music app. All you need to check out the nitty-gritty features, which are required to create a successful app like Shazam. Let’s have a look!

Literally, music helps to soothe our mind. But, what if you are stuck with the , which is in your backside of your mind, and you’re not able to recognize it properly? Anyway, things will not be in that way from now onwards.

An easy, handy, and user-friendly song recognition app – Shazam is here. The London-based company, Shazam was acquired by Apple in December 2017 according to the report by TechCrunch.

The Music Recognition App – Shazam

Founded in 2002, Shazam was used in the tag under ‘280 service’. The 280 service was the phone number, which was dialed by the people in order to recognize the music. It was only accessed by a call that was lasted for 30 seconds only. However, with the launch of App Stores, Shazam has been rapidly acquiring a number of app users till now. You can check this in below image.

number-of-users-behind-shazam-app  - number of users behind Shazam app - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

Growth of Shazam

With over 1 million downloads, Shazam has always been popular for the last nineteen years independently. This song recognition app is performing well since its emergence. Additionally, in the below-given image, you can check that the usage and growth have been continually accelerating for the last previous years.

growth-shazam  - growth Shazam - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

In the meantime, we came across with another of Shazam by Google Trends, which is worth mentioning here. The below image reveals that the music identifier app, Shazam is exponentially growing since 2004 worldwide.

google-trends_shazam  - Google trends Shazam - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

Process Behind The Shazam

Fundamentally, Shazam can be used to find out the similarities between the songs. Shazam is based on the music recognition algorithm, which was revealed by one of Shazam’s developers, Avery Li-Chung Wang in the year of 2003. Well, the entire process of searching and identifying the song is pretty similar to the ordinary fingerprints.

  • As long as fingerprints of Shazam is concerned, it is a set of audio files, and all these fingerprints are stored in the database.
  • The 10-second sample of song track is automatically fingerprinted by the app.
  • After that, the sample of song track is uploaded by the app, which starts searching the ‘sample’ or we can say ‘fingerprint’ in the database.
  • If the match is found, then the user gets the information about the song track.

how-shazam-work  - how shazam work - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

After going through the process behind the Shazam, now, it is time to look into the section, which embraced the most features of the song recognition app – Shazam.

Main Features to Embrace in Order to Create Music Recognition App Like Shazam

If you’re intended to develop like Shazam, either you can use the solutions given by EchoNest, which provides open-source service or consult with the trusted android app development company. Now, coming to the point, the ‘song recognition’ is not the only one feature which should be included in the app that recognizes songs. Nevertheless, there are also other features, which you need to look out.

Herein, we’ve rounded up the list of main features. Have a look.

1. Search Visualization

Whenever you would try to develop a song recognition app, you must consider the design, which plays a vital role. Likewise Shazam and SoundHound (the song recognition mobile app), both have their own animated voice recognition circles, which you can see in the below image. All you need to take care of the design for the search feature. Plus, for making your song recognition app successful, you should invest in recognition element.

search-visualization  - search visualization - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

Image Source: Mlsdev

2. Music Recognition

One of the essential features is music recognition. On the Shazam, previously, there was a menu, which was called as ‘My Tags’. But, now, this menu looks different, and it is named as ‘My Shazam’.

music-recognition  - music recognition - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

There are several things, which you need to take care before heading to the Shazam-like app development for Android. When the user selects the song from the list of the tags in the app, then he/she must be capable of:

  • Watching the Video
  • Checking the lyrics of the song

Last but not least, allow users to download the song from iTunes, Google Play Store, and can listen to it via Spotify, Apple Music, and Play Google.

Technical Side:

When it comes to the technical detail for creating the song recognition app like Shazam. There are many open-source libraries like Gracenote SDK (GNSDK), which provide API for iOS, Android, and allow developing song recognition apps.

3. Personal Account

There’s another essential feature i.e. Personal account. Talking about it, whether you sign up or not, you can access the entire features of this mobile application. But, you would not able to see the history of your searched music.

Basically, after creating your account in Shazam, it makes sure you will not lose every searched that you perform or history of your searched songs. Therefore, you can also consider this type of feature so that your mobile app users will not lose tracks as they looked up.

Also, while using the Shazam app, you may have noticed that the mobile app has renewed its UI (User Interface) design, which makes it easier for users.

personal-account  - personal account - How Song Recognition App – Shazam Stands Out From Other Apps

Image Source: Quora

So, you have just gone through with the nitty-gritty features of successful song recognition app, Shazam, which you can consider before proceeding for music recognition app development for Android.

What’s Next?

Hoping that the information contained in this blog post will help you to build a successful app like Shazam. If you’re still in turmoils like –

–  How can I implement my ideas to creating an app like Shazam?
–  How can I consult with the right firm to validate my idea?

You can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will revert you back within 48 hours, giving a right solution to expand your business.





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