With the advent of technology, apps have really opened a new world of a horizon, which is spell-bounding. Now, people are shopping online, paying bills, booking tickets, and hiring hire a taxi from the comfort of their home using applications.

When it comes to talking about the taxi industry, it is also transforming fast with the use of taxi management systems and services. Today, there is nothing better than getting an instant access to the best taxi service and get a user-friendly experience.

People are using taxi booking apps like Lyft, Careem, Uber, Grab, etc. to travel from one place to another in their city area. However, the competition among taxi booking apps is increasing repetitively, and each is working hard to serve their customers better.

A leading ride-sharing company, Lyft has recently opened for businesses in Toronto. For the company, it is the first market outside the U.S that was announced last month, but December was the first day of official operations with ride-hailing services obtainable in the city.

If you are also running a taxi business, how will you improve your taxi booking services to compete with ride-sharing giants like Uber and Lyft. How will you enhance your passengers experience with your taxi booking app? Here, we have compiled important information that can help you to improve your taxi services.

1. Funding for New Technology

Like Uber and Lyft taxi booking apps, you can also raise funds from top crowdfunding companies and invest that funding amount in new technologies to serve your worldwide customers better and rich services.

Recently, Axios was tipped off that Lyft, a ride-sharing giant company, has also filed paperwork to raise new capital. The share authorization document was submitted to regulators in Delaware and agrees that the company is looking up to $500 million, confirmed by a spokesperson.

Lyft’s filing comes after Uber has secured a funding round from SoftBank Group Corp. reportedly valued at up to $10 . A month earlier, Lyft has picked up a $1 investment of its own that was led by Alphabet Inc.’s CapitalG fund.

Likewise, you can also discuss your taxi booking app idea with top companies to raise funds and invest those raised funds to polish your services.

2. Ensure That Your Operators and Drivers Communicate Well

Most of the passengers’ complaint that they have been told that a taxi will be there in just 3 minutes, where in fact it comes in only about 10. In various situations, it is a way for the drivers to be the first in the queue or to rush for more orders.

taxi-booking-app-drivers  - uber driver communicate 1024x653 - How Taxi Businesses Can Improve Their Taxi Booking App to Compete With Uber & Lyft?

However, sometimes it is because of the bad communication between an operator and a driver. In a way that doesn’t play a well towards your goal of a better service, and it can also lead to miss flight, event or any important day.

So, it doesn’t matter which dispatch system you are using, ensure that it communicates the time accurately and doesn’t motivate drivers to enter fake arrival time to stay on the top of the queue.

For instance, you can give a right estimation of taxi arrival time, considering current traffic, driver’s and customer’s locations, and give the exact time that how long does it take for a driver to reach.

3. Make Sure to Work With Committed Drivers Only

As a taxi businessman, your main goal is to keep the service level . In other words, your dispatchers should be helpful and pleasant; however, it is essential that your drives must take the best care of your clients. But how will you ensure that they are treated the best way?

It is the same story with any employee, apart from the reality that drivers are working extremely hard on remotely. The solution is that you should only work with those drivers, who are committed towards their job and don’t mind getting for it highly.
As we all know that taxi is the service business, and there are enormous people, who are happy to please other people in order to be of a help to others. Even, it is the main requirement of human being. But now the problem is that how will find who are committed drivers and who are not.

To know the best drivers, you need a feedback tool that allows passengers to give ratings and reviews when they ride with any of your drivers. It will not only help you to know your best drivers but keep up the service level high.

4. Customer Support Service for 24/7

As you might know that a ride-sharing giant Uber has recently tested a new premium hotline support feature with a group of users. With this 24/7 customer support, users, who are frequent Uber riders, can directly get an access to a team of Uber customer service executives to a solution for their any problem.

taxi-booking-app-customer-service  - customer service 1024x682 - How Taxi Businesses Can Improve Their Taxi Booking App to Compete With Uber & Lyft?

Therefore, it is must that you also provide a 24/7 customer support service to your passengers, ensuring a safe and hassle-free riding.

In any case, if your passengers are facing any problem like an accident, wrongly dropped off in a dangerous neighborhood, they can instantly get help from your customer support team. In short, this feature can improve your Uber Clone app and allow your passengers to feel safe and secure while riding with you.

Conclusion –

So, these are the different ways to improve your taxi booking services and allow your passengers to get a rich riding experience with your ride-sharing app. In case, if you still have any confusion or query related to your uber-like app, you can get in touch with us through below given form. We will get back to you within 48 hours with a right solution.




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