How to Beat Uber By Creating a Competitive Ride-sharing App?

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Today, ride-sharing is considered as an innovative transportation strategy, allowing people to gain short-term access to transportation modes on required basis. Usually, it can comprise different types of transportations, including carpooling, car-sharing, bike-sharing, and platform-based ride services like Uber & Lyft.

Talking about Uber, it is one of the biggest on-demand transportation service providers in the taxi industry. The company has brought a revolution with its ride-hailing app that allows users to book a taxi from the comfort of their . Moreover, Uber was born as a problem-solver for passengers as it gives an instant solution to all those people, who need a taxi quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Regardless of Uber’s huge popularity and a big share of the taxi market, there are various companies like Lyft, Grab, Didi Dache, Curb, and Sidecar that are working hard to differentiate themselves from this ride sharing service. These companies are giving tough competition to Uber with their innovative services, features, and advanced facilities to passengers.

If you are also running a taxi business and has an app like Uber, how will you differentiate your application? How can you beat taxi giants like Uber and Lyft? Let’s check out how can you compete with the ride-sharing apps like Uber.

1. Take Benefit of Uber’s Weakness

As you might know that Uber is often criticized for its surge pricing when the demand excesses. When there are more riders than drivers, Uber increases its prices to encourage drivers to go to popular areas.

Though Uber’s increased pricing is supposed to find that golden medium at which driver supply matches rider demand and wait is minimized, some of the riders find this strategy outrageous and it results in a massive churn of users, who are looking forward to finding alternatives at affordable prices.

As a result, we have seen the increase in the surge-free taxi riding apps like Grab in Malaysia, and Curb in the US. Most of the people worldwide are rating services with their wallets, and if there is anything that can convince them to change their choice, it is nothing, but a cost.

Therefore, if you want to compete with Uber and want to get a big piece of the taxi industry, try to serve your with the same rates irrespective of high demand. Moreover, you need to be very careful when it comes to background checks of your drivers so that your passengers do not face any problem when they book a ride with you.

2. Try to Arrive Earlier Than Uber

Even though Uber has expanded to enormous and countries of the world, still there are some of the corners, where Uber service is not obtainable. Why don’t you provide your service in that city, country or area?

It is a right market opportunity for businesses that are looking forward to their own local Uber like apps. Let’s take Uber app has been banned in some of the countries like Italy, Hungary, Denmark, and Northern Territory Australia, so you can try to target these countries and serve people with a feature-rich taxi booking app.

3. Accept Coupon-Based Payment

As you know that there are a lot of taxi booking apps across the world, and all these ride hailing apps are only accepting cash or payment through cash. But, in various countries like Africa, hiring a taxi for traveling from one destination to another is considered as luxurious.

Not all the people in such countries can afford to book a taxi and pay through cash or cards, so it would be great if you start accepting coupons that they can win from any contest or purchase from the app. You can allow people in particular countries to pay for the ride through coupons or scratch cards that they have purchased or won.

4. Dynamic Fare Pricing

Dynamic Fare Pricing is a completely new and different feature that you can offer to your passengers and grab their maximum attention from other top riding apps like Uber, Lyft, and Grab. In this model, you can allow your riders to share the rates of kilometres that they traveled together.

For example, if a rider has booked a ride from destination A to C and then another rider has booked a ride from destination A to B, then the kilometres from A to B will be divided between two passengers. It will benefit passengers to their money from the ride that they have travelled with another rider.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can beat Uber and other taxi booking applications to make your own Uber Clone app that stands-out.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top Uber-like Apps that Stands Apart:

1. Lyft

Lyft is the biggest transportation company that is giving tough competition to Uber in the United States. Covering more than 60 cities across the United States, Lyft is an excellent option to book ride from one place to another.

lyft how to beat uber by creating a competitive ride-sharing app? - lyft - How to Beat Uber By Creating a Competitive Ride-sharing App?

The company wants all their drivers to have a valid driver’s license, DMV checks, Background, and criminal checks. When it comes to talking about the safety, Lyft has proven to be far better than Uber.

2. Hailo

A UK-based ride-hailing service, Hailo is the best ride-sharing company like Uber. Previously, the company had a provision for hiring privately owned cars, the backfire from taxi unions has seen Hailo recommit to Black cabs.

hailo_logo how to beat uber by creating a competitive ride-sharing app? - Hailo Logo 300x300 - How to Beat Uber By Creating a Competitive Ride-sharing App?

Available in 8 cities across 5 different countries, Hailo is the fastest ride-hailing service provider in the UK. Moreover, the application has made booking a cab easy through their service.

3. GrabTaxi

Based in Southeast Asia, GrabTaxi is another taxi-booking application like Uber, allowing people to book their ride down Southeast. The app has been positively reviewed by people across the Southeast with more than 3.8 million application downloads.

grabtaxi_app how to beat uber by creating a competitive ride-sharing app? - grabtaxi app - How to Beat Uber By Creating a Competitive Ride-sharing App?

With more than 75000 drivers registered on the network, GrabTaxi currently has the biggest fleets of ride-hailing vehicles. In addition to this, the app is obtainable in 21 different cities across 6 different countries in Southeast Asia.

These are the top ride-hailing applications in the market despite Uber’s big share of the market and aggressive expansion strategy. These apps are performing extremely well in the market and giving tough competition to Uber with their exclusive services.

In case, if you still have any query related to Uber clone app or features to include, you can discuss it with us and our team of dedicated Uber app developers will get back to you with a right solution.




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