is precious and no one likes to waste it while waiting for their iPhone to . Everyone iPhone owner knows the dreaded feeling of leaving the house only to see that their battery is at % and that they only have ten minutes before they need to meet their friends. Even though there isn’t a way to get a full 100% charge in less than ten minutes, there are a couple of tricks and tips that will help double the amount of battery you can charge during that short period of time.

Today we are going to look at a couple of iPhone tips and tricks that help people charge their way than usual. The cool thing about these tips and tricks is that they don’t require any third-party software and anyone can use them! With that being said, let’s get into it.

AirPlane Mode

AirPlane Mode  - 1 2 - How to Charge iPhones Faster

Apple designed AirPlane Mode to give iOS fans a way of shutting down their iPhone without having to actually turn down the system. There are many uses for this feature, but what most people don’t know is that it helps iPhones charge faster!

The only thing that iOS fans need to do in order to enable AirPlane Mode is to access their Control Center and then simply tap on the AirPlane Mode icon. We should mention that tests have been made on this trick and they proved that AirPlane Mode will cut off 4 minutes when charging the battery from 0% to 100%.

Shut Down the iPhone

Shut Down The iPhone  - 2 1 - How to Charge iPhones Faster

This trick works similarly to the previous one because it helps the iPhone focus on one thing only, charging the battery. Simply shutting down the iPhone will help the battery charge faster than usual because the device will not use power for any other features.

Disable Background Features

Disable Background Features  - 3 - How to Charge iPhones Faster

There are many background features that iOS-powered devices use in order to provide users with a better experience. The downside of this is that these background features are quite power hungry and they will take a toll on the battery.

Therefore, we advise all iOS fans to head over to Settings, tap on and then disable the “ Services” feature as shown in the picture above. Although, iOS fans need to keep in mind that they should enable the “ Services” feature as soon as their iPhone is charged up.

Remove the Case

Remove the Case  - 4 3 - How to Charge iPhones Faster

Another cool trick that most iOS fans don’t know about is the fact that if they remove their iPhone case, the device will charge faster. While this might sound like a myth, it’s actually been proven to be true. iPhones are known for not doing well when they are overheated and removing the case will help the device cool off and charge faster.

In fact, this is what Apple had to say about cases: “Charging your device when it’s inside certain style of cases may generate excess heat, which can affect battery capacity”.

Keep It Cool and Leave It Alone

Keep It Cool and Leave It Alone  - 5 3 1024x788 - How to Charge iPhones Faster

The last tip we need to go over is to keep the iPhone cool. Just like previously mentioned, overheated iPhones don’t work that well and keeping the device out of the sunlight will help out. Moreover, leave the iPhone alone while it’s charging. If the display is turned on, it will consume additional battery and the device will require more time to charge.

From the looks of it, Apple needs to improve the way its iPhones are charging their batteries. This is becoming a concerning issue and the Cupertino based giant should develop a Quick Charge feature, just like Google has done with .

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