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The wizarding world has finally magicked its way onto with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for and iOS devices. The RPG adventure is available now from the Play Store and has already amassed over 1 million downloads from us mere muggles.

While we’ve seen plenty of games set in the Harry Potter universe over the years — which, bar the excellent Lego series, have usually been rubbish — but Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first game to release under Warner Bros’ Portkey Games banner, with Pokémon Go developer Niantic’s Wizards Unite later this year.

With the franchises’ eponymous Boy Who Lived brushed aside, it’s time for you, a new student at the legendary school of witchcraft and wizardry, to grab your study books, take hold of your wand, and don the sorting hat.

In this guide, you’ll find essential tips and tricks for excelling in classes, leveling up your attributes, and gaining points for winning the House Cup in Jam City’s latest title.

How to get more energy without spending gems

One thing you’ll notice within just a few minutes of playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is that it’s unashamedly a free-to-play experience where every important action tied to progress through the story will drain your character’s energy (indicated by the blue bar in the top right with a lightning symbol).

Whenever you run out of energy you’re given the option of refilling the meter by spending 55 gems — ostensibly the game’s premium currency. Unfortunately for players looking to hang onto their cash, those pink crystals are pretty rare and are required to buy the best clothes and accessories for your avatar.

The simplest way to regain energy is putting the game down and waiting. You start the game with a 24 maximum Energy cap and a single unit takes a full four minutes to recharge, even if you close the app. That means it’ll take just over an hour and a half to fully refill your energy bar.

Instead of just twiddling your thumbs, however, there are a few ways of regaining energy while still playing. The first is by hitting a new level, which completely refills your energy bar. Take advantage of this if you ever see the level bar about to tick over (shown inside your profile menu in the top left) by burning all of your energy first.

You’ll also receive energy refills from finishing certain tasks early on in your adventure. You will also occasionally see energy show up as an optional activity reward. Only pick energy in this scenario if you’re absolutely desperate as there are usually far better rewards on offer — we’ll come back to why a little later on.

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

Hogwarts is a huge place. Be sure to explore the grounds and grab extra energy.

The final way of refilling your energy bar requires a bit of sleuthing. On your travels around Hogwarts you’ll see plenty of decorations adorning the school halls and characters milling around doing magic stuff. What you might not know is that tapping on certain objects will give a minor energy boost.

Keep an eye out for portraits, books, torches, statues, and anything that looks out of place and give it a tap just in case. The same goes for House Elves which will randomly appear throughout the castle and will always reward a handful of Energy. It’s worth noting that all of these objects reset every six hours, so be sure to keep visiting them throughout the day.

On a final note, you can increase your max energy by completing Flying lessons. In your first school year, you’ll only have access to three lessons, but more will unlock in later years.

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery sorting hat 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

Ravenclaw for life.

How to earn House Points and win the House Cup

So you’ve stuck the grumpy old sorting hat on your head and chosen which House you want to represent (which isn’t how that works in the Harry Potter universe, but go with it). Now, as a fresh member of House Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw (the best one), or Slytherin, your goal is to win House Points and bring glory to your housemates by helping bring home the coveted House Cup.

There are a few ways of claiming those precious points, but most will come from progressing through the main story and completing lessons. Make sure you always nail your demonstrations — which we’ll come to shortly — and try to get as many bonus stars as possible during lessons.

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery questions 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

Knowing your Harry Potter trivia (or Google Search) will help you along your journey.

Be aware, however, that it’s far easier to lose House Points than it is to earn them. While it may be tempting to start a lesson while waiting for the next story quest to unlock, you should never attend class unless you know you can finish it.

Lessons come in one, three, or eight-hour increments, with increasing rewards. To complete each lesson, you’ll need to use up energy to fill up the experience bar and hit the required number of stars. While it may be tempting to go for the bigger rewards, if you fail to hit the minimum requirement you’ll be docked House Points.

Failing demonstrations and answering questions incorrectly can drop you a few points here and there too, but as a general rule, don’t upset your tutors by bailing on your classes!

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery demonstrations 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

Follow the line. Easy.

Nail demonstrations and become a dueling master

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a story-driven adventure where you’ll spend most of your time chatting, exploring, and uncovering secrets, but there some parts of gameplay that require a bit of action and skill from the player.

The first you’ll come across is demonstrations. These will crop up during lessons when casting spells, mixing potions, and more, and come in two main flavors. One is a simple game of tracing a specific pattern without going outside the lines. These are incredibly simple and shouldn’t cause many players any problems.

Some demonstrations will mix it up a bit with a reflex challenge where you have to hit the screen when one circle matches another. Again, these are fairly easy, but the game does a fairly poor job of telling you what to do. Take your time and you’ll be fine.

The other main gameplay feature is dueling, which is essentially just rock-paper-scissors with wands. Aggressive beats Sneaky, Defensive beats Aggressive, Sneaky beats Defensive. Simple stuff.

Be a good, rounded pupil

No RPG is complete without character traits, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is no exception.

Your character has three attributes: courage, empathy, and knowledge. Each will level up as you progress through the game as rewards for completing story quests and other side tasks.

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery attributes 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

All three attribute stats are equally important.

Now, If you’ve picked, say, Gryffindor, as your House, you may be tempted to pool all of your stats into courage like the heroic Harry Potter himself. Unfortunately, if you do that you’ll also be missing out on some tasty bonus rewards.

As you play through the story, you’ll encounter brainiacs, scaredy cats, and a sneaky Slytherin who constantly conspires against you, each of which will need to be handled in different ways. In some cases, you’ll see optional dialogue lines that are gated behind an attribute level.

These responses will give you the best rewards, but you’ll need to have leveled up that specific attribute beforehand. Put simply, make sure you level up every attribute or you’ll be stuck picking boring responses and missing out on crucial bonuses.

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery screenshot 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

You clearly haven’t read the books, lady.

Making friends

Speaking of bonuses, those attributes will also help you tighten those bonds of friendship with your fellow witches and wizards.

When you’re not trying to uncover the mystery behind your brother’s disappearance or attending classes, you can drop in on a select bunch of characters, with more unlocking as you progress through the story.

From time to time these characters will have a handshake icon above their heads, which indicates they’re ready to hang out. This will cost you a small amount of coins. Aside from buying certain new robes, outfits, and accessories those coins are fairly useless otherwise so spend away!

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery friends 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

Be nice to Ben.

These interactions hinge on those aforementioned attributes. If your stats don’t match the requirements shown before starting the activity then just come back later. You’ll also get bonus points towards leveling up your friendships if you have higher attributes.

Gameplay-wise, you’ll need to listen closely to what your buddy is saying and pick an appropriate response from a choice of three answers. One of these will be outright wrong. The other two are technically both correct, but the one which most fits the scenario will reward you with more points.

You can guess which response is the best by taking account of the character’s mood, which will fit into one of the three attributes.

For example, when you’re talking to Ben, Hogwarts’ resident worrier, you’ll want to avoid “courage” responses or you’ll scare him off. Likewise, for your nerdy friend Rowan, you can get away with “Knowledge” answers because she’s a smarty pants.

Always pick gems (or attributes) as a reward

When you successfully complete a quest or hit a bonus star during an activity, you’ll be given the option of choosing between three rewards, which can be either coins, gems, energy, or attribute boosts.

Bluntly, always pick gems.

harry potter hogwarts mystery screenshot  - hp hogwarts mystery rewards 840x420 - How to get free energy, gems, and more

Pick. The. Gem.

Gems can be an absolute lifesaver if you need a last minute energy refill and unless you’re happy to start spending real-world money, the best way of gathering more is saving those bonus rewards.

If gems aren’t available, my advice is to go for attribute boosts. Energy and coins are fairly common rewards throughout the game and you’ll get more with attribute bonuses anyway. Unless you really, really need a few more coins to grab that swanky robe you’ve been coveting, start hoarding those gems and attribute boosts!

Do you have any tips and tricks to share with your Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery loving peers? Then cast a spell in the comments!

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