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If you haven’t seen it yet, CollabNet CEO Flint Brenton has started a new blog over at called “IT Exec Headquarters.” This blog explores topics that IT executives encounter in the software delivery industry. His first post, How should tech companies invest in the next generation and prepare for the future?, discusses employment challenges for IT companies and speaks to leaders at organizations who have the ability to start solving worker shortage issues.

Recently he published a second blog discussing value stream mapping—something any IT leader studies carefully in order to ensure his/her company is delivering the greatest value to . In the software business we are used to seeing the world in flows, chains, loops, cycles and streams. We understand the interconnectedness of individual tasks as well as the challenge of analyzing performance and value when dealing with such complex products.

Lean business practices have helped us over the years to strip down all the noise in business and get to the heart of why we do what we do. One of the Lean practices is to map the value of a product or service. By doing this today, software organizations can see exactly what they are providing to customers and can then greatly improve their offering and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Measurements are of course essential to this process, as the saying goes, “How can you manage what you can’t measure?” With value stream mapping, an organization can use customer to understand what works and what doesn’t and ultimately create a better product. But how do you collect that and analyze it?

Great question. To learn more, we encourage you to take a look at our on-demand webinar, Value Stream Management to Drive DevOps Success.

Please read Flint’s full post How Value Stream Mapping is Increasing Business Value on and leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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