- wyzecam e1511797814750 - How Wyze makes such a crazy, good camera for cheap – Stacey on IoT
The Wyze came sells for $20.

This week I was at Google’s cloud event in San Francisco while Kevin swapped out his video doorbells. We discuss Google’s news related to edge computing and several pieces of doorbell news before talking about a few recent articles that show how far the smart home has to come. Kevin talks about the first NB- tracker for the U.S., a new Bluetooth security flaw, and how Google’s cloud differs from AWS in his experience connecting our voicemail hotline to the cloud. We also cover a surprise contender for the worst connected device seen this week and answer a question on Alexa and hubs that is probably pretty common.  This week’s guest is Elana Fishman, COO of Wyze Labs, who came on to explain how the company can make a high-quality HD for between $20 and $30. The combo of a low price and a obviously works. Wyze has sold more than 500,000 cameras so far!  You’ll enjoy the show.

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