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The HPE0-J74 certification exam verifiesone’s ability to show the technical fundamentals of storage area networks,HPE storage portfolio,converged storage conceptsbackup principles, and data security. You will be tested on your knowledge ofthe importance of the entire IT approaches alongside the convergence of siloed IT infrastructure domains. To qualify for the exam, you need to be a solution or presalesarchitect with a minimum 6-month work experience in storage technologies. This certificationtest is ideal for the applicants who can define and identify technical requirements, thendeploy commercial storage solutions to meet the needs. It is also a stepping stone for solution or presales architects working in a channel partner company that wish to maintain or attain a Silver Storage Specialist in the HPE Storage Solutions Sales and HPE Partner Ready Programme.


Exam Details

The HPE0-J74 exam has a total of 60 questions which are designed in multiple-choiceformats with single and multiple responses and are all scenario based. You are required to complete the test within 1 hour 30 minutes. The passing score is to 70 percent.


Exam Objectives

The exam objectives guide your focus when you are preparing for the certification test. Here are the HPE0-J74 exam objectives:

  • Understanding fundamental storage technologiesand architectures
  • Understanding the features, functions, and capabilities of HPE storage
  • Understanding the competitive opportunities and storage market to apply to HPE storage
  • Planning and designing HPE storage solutions


Training Courses for the HPE0-J74 Exam

You need to be trained on the courses of this exam before you take it. Here are the training courses for the HPE certification test:

  • The Storage Market and HPE’S Transformation Area Market Strategy
  • SANS Basics – Technical Background
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • SAN Storage
  • SAN Infrastructure
  • Tools and Reference Materials


Tips for Passing the HPE0-J74 Exam

A good exam preparation is always the to succeeding in an actualtestthus you need to prepare thoroughly for the HPE0-J74exam. Here are tips for passing thiscertification test:

It is important that you complete your training without skipping any process. For you to attempt to answer any questions in the exam, you need to be able to understand what is required of you. There is no possible way you can sit for an exam that you have not trained for hence you need to take your training seriously. Before you attempt to study on your own, you need to have a background for you to fall back on and that is your training. You will always learn a concept before you can demonstrate that you understand it. The training is the first step and you should ensure you complete it.

  • Review all course materials

The materials relevant to your coursework are different and they give you different approaches to help you master the concepts in the best way possible. You may be attached to one material but you need to review all of them for you to reinforce a certain idea in your mind. This speaks to how thorough your exam preparation needs to be and you do not need to hold back but rather go all the way. Develop a study plan that will help you divide your wisely so that you get the chance to review the materials you have. After you do that, you will have a sense of confidence and you will be comfortable to sit for the exam.

  • Know that the questions are experience based

The questions of the exam are hugely based on the knowledge that you are expected to have from your job experience. This means that you are required to know the standards in the industry as well as have knowledge through events and other supplemental materials. You need to know how to apply your experience to solve certain problems. Your skills need to be that of a professional and when you are presented with a question, you need to do what you would have done in a professional setting. Train your mind to think that way and you will be able to pass the exam with ease.

You should know that studying alone has never gotten anyone anywhere and that you need to go a mile further. Try answering practice questions or ask for help with concepts that you find challenging. You need to ensure that the concepts in your coursework are not only registered in your mind but that you fully understand them and you can use them to solve any problem that comes your way. Do more than just studying.

  • Use the HPE Exam Preparation Guide

The HPE Preparation Guide has recommendations that will help you prepare for the exam properly. Since they are for the content of the test, you should their recommendations to help you a great deal in passing the exam. You need to follow every step suggested in the guide without skipping any point. You are likely to tackle the exam easily with the help of this preparation guide.

This is the place that you will find additional reference materials, HPE books, practice tests, and study guides. Anything that comes up concerning the exam will first be addressed here and you need to use it to stay updated. This will help you prepare for the test under the best of circumstances and you will be able to pass.

Practice questions mimic the real exam and allow you to know how well you are prepared for the exam before you do it. The questions are designed in the same way with the probability of the questions you would be asked in the exam being the main focus. This is a great way for you to ensure that you have mastered the exam objectives. The outcome of the practice questions will enable you to focus on areas that you were unable to get correct answers. See the top sites below:


Recommended Books for the HPE0-J74 Exam

Take advantage of the books available when preparing for the HPE exam. Here are the recommended books for this certification test:

  • 01059420: Foundations of HPE Storage Solutions Design, Rev. 17.11
  • HPE ATP Storage Solutions V2 Study Guide



Prepare for theHPE0-J74exam with the HPE recommendations and resources so that you use relevant resources that will help you pass yourtest. Have the passion and drive to do the best that you can and you will not be disappointed.

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