I have a hybrid 5 created using the framework.

The app contains a and a scrolling content area. The app works fine on all devices except the X. On the X when I scroll the content area, the actually out of view a little.

This is how the app looks when the footer is in view

Normal app view  - UMGnE - html – Fixed position footer scrolls in iPhone X

But once I scroll down, the footer hides and only shows when I scroll up again.

Scrolled app view  - YGnbQ - html – Fixed position footer scrolls in iPhone X

I’ve applied the iPhone X optimizations for the notch and that works fine in the design. The only issue that remains is the scrolling problem.

Since I’m using a hybrid framework, the view is constructed with HTML + CSS and not native UI components.

Any thoughts on why the footer might be scrolling down on iPhone X?

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