I have been doing a lot of research about the best way to monetize our . I guess the best place to start can be an overview of what we’re collecting and my thoughts about doing this. I would appreciate any guidance or any answers to specific questions in this post. (I’ll bold specific questions) Thanks in advance!

Overview – We are collecting Personable Identifiable Data (PII) and can potentially collect De-Identifiable Data of homeowners who are interested in home services. I guess my first question is What is the in value between PII and De-Didetifiable Data? Another question is, What is the best tool to track cookies and do device fingerprinting? I have been looking into to get some data, but now I have to connect the data that I’m getting to a database. Is it best to build a custom database, or should we use something like LiveRamp, Lotame, or Salesforce DMP (Krux)? If anyone has experience using any of these tools, I’d love to hear feedback about them.

So what type is data is the most valuable? Like I said, we are able to collect so many pieces of data from cookies, device fingerprints, homeowner PII, their on our pages, and unstructured text that they may be typing. We also have text analyzers to categorize that text into specific intents. We have data that is 5 minutes old, 1 hour old, 1 day old, 1 week old, 1 year old, etc. I know the value decreases with age, but we have a lot of pieces of data. What is the best way to structure our data to package and sell? Who are the best people to sell to?

Anyway, thanks for reading. If you can answer 1 question, 2 questions, or all of them, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

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