Industry is the mother of , it’s been said. Industrial () launched years ago, when industrial controls needed to be linked together to allow for coordinated use. These controls morphed, embracing a sophisticated world, where consumer and enterprise smart products simultaneously drove interface innovations and benefits for managing vertical applications.

This guide examines developments in the industrial internet of things, including IIoT use , and explores how deploying connected technology in manufacturing and industrial environments offers a plethora of IoT benefits for manufacturing and other industries, such as preventative maintenance, improved sustainability and supply chain efficiency.

1The road to IIoT

Gain important insights with these IIoT use cases

Are you clear on the specific differences between IoT and industrial IoT? The industrial internet of things is in some ways distinct from IoT in general. Studying IIoT use cases can help clarify the differences. This section outlines how IIoT is reshaping the world’s industrial landscape. Before your company joins in to reap IIoT benefits, it will need a plan — a solid roadmap. The material in this section will help set you on the path to designing one.

2IIoT transformation

Industrial IoT

The industrial internet of things is changing industries of all sorts and promises to add immense value to the world economy in the next few years. This segment of the guide explores some developments related to IIoT use cases, including data analytics and enterprise asset management.

3IIoT software

To benefit from IIoT, you need the proper puzzle pieces

Industrial IoT benefits can be significant, but the right tools are necessary to achieve them. In this segment, we explore the impact of IIoT on software, including industrial mobile applications, machine learning, virtual reality, voice recognition software and others.

Challenges in industrial IoT

Reaping IIoT benefits means overcoming some challenges

While IIoT benefits haven’t been fully secured, they’re on the horizon, experts say. Explore in this section the promises that IIoT use cases make and the significant challenges — like — that must be met.

5IIoT terms you should know

Learn the key definitions the behind IIoT technology

It’s inevitable: New technological fields bring with them new lexicons. Here are the key terms you need to add to your vocabulary in order to understand IIoT.

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