I’m how to make apps, and I am a backend engineer. I only have built simple ’s for classes back in the day, but I don’t do stuff ever in my job.

Now I am noticing that it is a different type of beast.

I’m having a lot of trouble designing ‘likeable’ UI’s.

Do you have any suggestions on books, or tutorials, that allow you to make pretty good UI’s using Swift? (XCode)

Mine needs to be very simple, a few fields, a few toolbars! But I can’t make it look good. It just looks super ugly and nerdy and overly-simple, that it makes you never look at that again.

Any suggestions?

Would it be better to just buy one of those themes, like here: and use that?!

Is there some link where it explains all the details of the objects you can drag/drop in the UI and how you can customize them?

Currently I’m just trying them out, and learning that way.

Your answers are truly appreciated. G’day.

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