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I’m studying for my masters degree in Information , and as part of this i have to write a , on a cryptocurrency. Each student were assigned a different currency by our professor. I was assigned SwiftCoin, and i’m struggling to find any technical information regarding this currency that goes any deeper than common buzzwords. I am currently watching videos created by, and reading through patents filed by the author/inventor (Daniel Bruno), but i’m not finding much.

I was hoping anyone here had some experience with the currency, and could some questions:

  • What encryption and hashing algorithms are used?

  • It is stated that currency is not “mined”. How is more currency added to the circulation, and who/what controls this?

  • For the mail-system tied to the currency (SwiftMail, John McAfee SwiftMail), how are the the mails transmitted from one computer to the other? I see how the transmission of the mail can be verified and stored on the blockchain, but not how it is transmitted.

  • How is it related to John McAfee?

  • Are there any whitepapers or research papers published about the currency? I have not found any on Google Scholar.

In advance, thanks.

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