July 25, 2018

Hair Care : This is How You Can Grow Your Hair Care Business With Appointment Booking Solution

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This blog includes information for hair care startups & entrepreneurs. We’ve compiled takeaways, which you can absorb before diving into the world of appointment booking app solution.

Technology is rapidly changing the world. And, the beauty industry is the one, which is disrupted by the beauty startups. This is due to the fact that the beauty industry got the strong start in 2017. The top companies named L’Oreal, L’Occitane and Sequoia Capital made investments in the space in the year 2017.

Hair Care Industry is Now Recognized as a Big Business

Talking about the hair care niche, investors are recognizing the haircare as a big business. In short, we can say that the category “haircare” is also booming in the beauty sector.

  • This graph states that the estimated size of the global haircare market from 2012 to 2024. “In 2018, the global hair care market is estimated to be worth around 87.73 billion U.S. dollars”, according to the report from Statista.

Global-Hair-Care-Industry-Growth  - Global Hair Care Industry Growth - Important Keypoints for Hair Care Startups

  • As per the latest report by Grand View Research, “The global hair care market is estimated to reach $211.1 billion by 2025.” In addition, according to the same source, In the United States, there are approximately 80,000 salons among that 4,000 barber shops and 76,000 are beauty salons.
  • The below graph includes the U.S. hair care market size by hair care products.

U.S.-hair-care-market  - U - Important Keypoints for Hair Care Startups

The Reason of Growth: The rising hair-related problems and growing need for natural products are projected to enhance the market growth.

Top Hair Care Startups That Eliminate The Days of Bad Hair

The number of hair care startups are popping up and providing solutions to hair-related issues, which are growing year-over-year.

  • Madison Reed: San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer hair color startup, Madison Reed has secured $70.1 million from the Plug and Play and Norwest Ventures.
  • Function of Beauty: New York-based hair care startup, Function of Beauty formulates custom shampoos and conditioners for consumers by taking hair quiz. Even, it provides customized hair care solutions for its consumers. Undeniably, this hair care startup is growing faster than the hair grows with the total funding amount $12.2M.
  • Hims: Hims, San Francisco-based skin and hair care startup, has secured $50 million in Venture funding and bringing its total volume haul over to $97 million. Hims, the hair care startup, also focuses on hair loss and beauty products.
  • Keeps: Launched back in 2017, Keeps is a New York-based startup with its own line of FDA-approved treatments to help men to keep their hair healthy.

Well, these hair care startups have already matured because of providing hair care solutions to consumers after realizing their pain points. That’s why it is also safe to say that the hair care category is going to boom. Being a hair care startup, if you have made up your mind to dive into the world of hair care industry, then you need to read over takeaways, which you can consider before developing appointment booking app solution.

Takeaways: This is How You Can Grow Your Hair Care Business With Appointment Booking App Solution

Hair care startups have seen an upswing in financing and their growth. Well, we’ve rounded up top takeaways from which you as a hair care startup can make most out of your business.

1. Provide an Easy Access to Franchisee

To flourish in the hair care market, an appointment booking app solution can do miracles for your hair care or beauty business. If you are running more than four hair salon in different areas, then through salon appointment booking app, you can provide a medium in terms of the app to your customers to book salon services no matter where your consumers or app users are.

Hair-Care-Startup  - Hair Care Startup - Important Keypoints for Hair Care StartupsImage Source: lifewire

In addition, through salon booking app, you can give the quickest way possible to book hair care services and appointment without any hassle. An ideal appointment booking app solution can give startups complete control of their hair care business. Plus, it gives peace of mind and comfort to your customers. And, you would not run behind your customers anymore. In simple terms, we can say that an appointment booking app can make things easier for franchisee.

2. Offer Customers a Channel to Schedule an Appointment with a Sales Person

Once the appointment is booked, all you just need to provide important features, which keep reminding them to come and enjoy hair care services. Herein “channel” means mobile app, which proffers features and functionalities that can lessen the entire booking process. And, it will become easy for app users or consumers to access a range of hair services.

You just not only provide booking services based on beauty and hair care, but you can also provide customized solutions for their hair and beauty, where your consumers can find out the unique platform. Customized hair and beauty services through the mobile app can help your business to stand apart from others.

3. Reduce the Cost of Salon Booking Appointment

By developing an appointment booking app solution, you can also reduce the cost of a slew of booking appointments. Through salon booking app, you as a hair care startup can easily manage entire appointments via a mobile app.

appointment-booking-app  - appointment booking app - Important Keypoints for Hair Care Startups

Image Source: booksy

Whether it is about beauty or hair care services, the appointment booking app solution can work for both. It simply reduces the business costs. However, there are some ways in which it will tell you that the appointment booking app solution will reduce the cost:

  • Automates The Booking Process: The first and foremost, it automates the salon related jobs, which are usually taking up a lot of time and make salons ineffective. If you are running salon without having an app, then you must be aware of that making appointments involve much more than writing names and appointments dates of the customers.

And, it simply causes a lot of hassles to maintain this. Nevertheless, the appointment booking app solution just automates a number of tasks and can make your salons more efficient and more productive.

  • Employees Can Spend Less Time: An appointment booking app solution can spend less time calling clients in order to remind their appointments through call or email. An app can do it for you to remind the appointments through notifications and updates.

The bottom line is that with an appointment booking app, your hair care startup business can save a significant amount of money every single year.


You have just gone through with the takeaways that are behind the advantages of creating an appointment booking app solution to grow your business. With an appointment booking app, hair care startups can save money and become more efficient.

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