Jeremy S. Cook  - 1 S1w2rSkxZKk3TeoZmIzYlQ - Industrial Distance Sensor Controls a Bright Blue LED Display

Hacker ‘TUENHIDIY’ came into possession of a very expensive (~$800 on eBay) normally used in environments. While many of us would marvel at such a high quality contraption, then perhaps put it in a in our garage or basement, TUENHIDIY actually got to work and made use of it, linking it to an Arduino Uno with the help of an RS-485 module. The write-up notes that an Arduino Mega can also be an option, which would useful for checking the RS-485 communication through its multiple serial ports.

The dedicated RS-485 module is attached to the Arduino via a custom perfboard shield. This device features female headers on , on which sits the output board. This output board is one of the cooler and more unusual parts of the build, as instead of using a -made LED matrix or 7-segment , it implements an LOL Shield that 9 x discreet soldered-on LEDs. This was made at home using this design, giving the project a very neat old-school look when in use.

The Arduino/display is mounted in a protection box with a clear front and holes cut out for power and interfacing needs. This is then placed atop the sensor itself, and shows distance values in a brilliant blue as objects are moved closer and further away from it.

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