- Inferno with meat - Inferno – grill a steak instantly

Do you like to eat but hate waiting on food to cook? Common problem, everyone hates waiting when they’re hungry. Well good , with the Inferno you can up a piece of meat in way less than five minutes.

This oven looks like a forge and acts like one too. This propane powered stove heats up to 1500 degrees, cooking anything inside of it almost . Steaks have a cook time of two minutes which is a lot faster than normal ovens. You’ll probably want to watch this carefully because the line between done and overdone is seconds.

- Inferno parts - Inferno – grill a steak instantly

You can use it to cook all types of meat but it is outdoor use only. It’s made to take the place of a traditional grill but it doesn’t seem to have that same feel. Tradition or speed? It’s up to you! Easy to clean, just pop all the trays out and in the dishwasher with them. You can get one of these for $499.99.

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