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February 24th, 2017

Design the right things. Design the things right.

Attending the UX Immersion: Interactions Conference in Portland, OR, MAY 1 – 3 will be one of the best UX training events you have ever attended. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. The six workshop topics
    Lean UX, prototyping, experience mapping, enterprise interaction design, animation and motion, and UX metrics all provide a deep dive on topics necessary to create delightful user experiences. If you’re tackling any interaction design issues, these workshops are sure to address them.
  2. Each workshop leader has more than ,000 hours of experience
    These speakers practice what they preach. Attendees tell us things like, “It was an environment where one could actually have conversations with experts and meet people in the field.” “The accessibility of the different speakers. I can literally walk up, get a handshake, say hi, and talk.”
  3. Meet with your peers to discuss your successes and challenges
    UX Immersion: attendees have said, “The workshops and talks are extremely useful and inspiring.” And “Casual, very welcoming, very professional.”
  4. Get practical, actionable “stuff” before, during, and after the
    You’ll get an invitation to join the Slack team dedicated to UX Immersion: Interactions, to connect with speakers and other attendees for sharing great advice, direction, and new skills before, during, and after the conference.
  5. Your learning starts the moment you register
    With your registration, you’ll get 30 days of access to UIE’s All You Can Learn library. With more than 290 virtual seminar recordings and conference recordings.


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