Microsoft has moved the Intune in Microsoft out of and has made them available. Intune APIs make it possible for Microsoft and partners to integrate and automate workloads, increase the efficiency of device management, and programmatically access EMS (Enterprise Mobility + ) and Office 365 data (through Microsoft Graph).

Microsoft Graph makes it possible for developers and IT professionals to access many of Microsoft’s services programmatically, all from one place. Microsoft Office 365, Azure Active Directory (AD), Identity, and many other APIs can now be programmatically accessed via one service, the Microsoft Graph.

Intune is part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security product, and it’s responsible for mobile device and application management. It allows organizations to manage and protect data while still providing employees access to Microsoft applications and services. 

According to the company announcement, Microsoft Graph can be used “to connect to data that drives productivity – mail, calendar, contacts, documents, directory, devices, and more. It serves as a single interface where Microsoft cloud services can be reached through a of REST APIs.”

“The Intune API in Microsoft Graph enables users to access the same information that is available through the Azure Portal – for both reporting and operational purposes,” said Jan Egil Ring, Lead Architect at Crayon, in a prepared statement. “It is an invaluable asset in our toolbelt for automating business processes such as user on- and offboarding in our customer`s tenants. Intune APIs, combined with Azure Automation, help us keep inventory tidy, giving operations updated and relevant information.”

For more information about Microsoft Graph and Intune APIs, read the highlights blog post on the official Microsoft website.

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