I’ve got an that builds fine when built/archived from within Xcode.

I’ve set up a for the build but when the builds its saying for an extension that it requires a with the App Groups feature.

This extension however is configured to use the correct provisioning profile and this profile does have App Groups as a capability – here is the profile set within Xcode for the extension:

enter image description here  - 4iYuS - ios – Bot can’t find provisioning profile though project contains it and its been uploaded to the bot server

When setting up the bot, in the Signing/Certificates and Profiles section I selected all the profiles and clicked the Upload To button.

I additionally manually added the profiles to:


I’ve turned off the bot server and restarted it.

Any idea why the bot is not detecting the provisioning profile?

(There are absolutely no mistakes with the app / Xcode / the provisioning profiles being mismated – the app can be build within Xcode and published to the app store.
The problem is purely just to do with the Bot build.)

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