Happy Friday everyone! It’s that of the year again when things are beginning to wind down. If you’re planning on updating your in time for the holidays, make sure to do that soon. According to Apple, the App Store review team will be taking a break from Dec 23 – Dec 27, as usual!

Looking forward to all the holiday-inspired easter eggs and winter-themed features in your apps! ?☃️

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Apple’s use of Swift in iOS 11.1

It’s fascinating seeing how has begun shifting its apps and frameworks over to Swift in iOS 11.1 in comparison to iOS 10.1 a year ago. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say that the list has grown by a lot.

One of the biggest surprises for me is the absence of the mail app from the list. The only reason I can think of as to why it has yet to be rewritten could be that Apple has something bigger planned for it. Perhaps a mail app redesign/makeover? We’ll have to just wait and see. ?

Pushy Notifications in Apple News

Two ways to quickly lose a user’s is to 1) spam their contacts or 2) spam them with push notifications. As it turns out, the Apple News app seems to be doing a form of the latter. Although the app isn’t necessarily sending out useless spammy notifications, it appears to be doing something a lot worse, enabling notifications for channels without the user’s explicit permission. Yikes.

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From the creators of HockeyApp: Ship better Swift and Objective-C apps faster by connecting your app’s GitHub repo and automating the ! After pushing new code, App Center can build your app in the cloud, test it on thousands of iOS devices using XCUITest, release to beta testers or the App Store, and monitor production with crash reports and analytics. Start for free.


Lona by Airbnb

Let’s face it if you’ve ever designed UI interfaces or have delegated your gnarly animation ideas to other engineers, chances are your ideas won’t be replicated with 100% accuracy. Lona aims to this. The plan is to develop a new system specification that can encode all of the necessary details needed to make a perfect translation. Although it is currently only a developer preview, there’s a lot of potential here. As always, the Airbnb team never fails to deliver.


Using Unit Tests to Identify & Avoid Memory Leaks

As any software engineer will tell you, memory leaks aren’t a matter of “if,” they’re a matter of when. Whether you’re contributing to an open-sourced project, reviewing code, or working on the next big app, leaking memory is something that should generally be avoided. Here’s John with a few examples of how unit tests can be used to identify existing memory leaks and to prevent new ones in the future. I agree that it may be a bit overkill, but worth considering.

URLSession Waiting For Connectivity

There are two things I actively tried to avoid showing inside my apps, loading states and network errors. Reducing the presence of loading states is a discussion for another time, however, Keith Harrison shows us how to tackle the latter quite easily. In iOS 11, you can now force your URLSession session to wait until network connectivity is available before trying to connect, all with only one additional line of code. This prevents unnecessary network errors that happen far too often, resulting in a better user experience.


If you’ve been holding off on syncing your Realm database with CloudKit thinking it requires a lot of work, well you’re in luck. IceCream aims to make this extremely easy. With support for manual syncing, user account status checks, and it’s star SyncEngine, it seems like a no-brainer. Worth a try. ?

Swift Substrings

The String class and substring functionality have come a long way since Swift was first introduced in 2014. Greg Heo explains how substrings and strings work closely together and how they interface on their own. Always nice learning something new.


Should Apple Steal This?

Kauhi Hookano did a fabulous job drafting up an iOS notification redesign concept that is truly something different. More than just a UI concept, Hookano took additional steps including in-person user testing to address and iterate on some of the biggest notification banner pain points plaguing users.

Although this concept was done back in , I recommend checking out the full walkthrough. As for whether Apple should steal this iOS notification design, I say “give this man a job.” My part is the “Siri Notification Catch Up” concept feature. What I’d give to have that. ?


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And finally…

An Easier Fix for the 'I.T' Bug

Stephen King would be proud. ?

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