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Over the years many companies have been generous enough to sponsor this newsletter and I’d like to extend my thanks again to all of them for supporting what I do here!

In recent years you may have noticed a trend towards repeat sponsorships from large companies. I’d love to bring back a little more diversity for you as a reader by bringing in some new sponsors, and especially some smaller companies that may have felt like the pricing was previously out of reach.

So if you’re an indie developer, company or a bootstrapped startup then I’d like to offer you a limited time 50% discount to make sponsorship a little more affordable. There are a few slots available in August and September so please get in touch if you think what you do might be of interest to this wonderful community.

This week also feels like a great time to make this offer as this issue’s sponsor is a fantastic example of an independent developer producing something perfect for you all.

Alright, apologies for the interruption… On with the links!

Dave Verwer


Apple’s App Store revenue nearly double that of Google Play

Many people took this article in the way that it was probably intended to be taken and concluded that it was an “It’s only worth developing for iOS” story. I looked at it slightly differently, as an opportunity to potentially increase revenue by 50%. Yes, the cost of building/maintaining two apps is huge, but if you’re at the stage with your business where you’re looking for new revenue opportunities and had previously dismissed as “won’t make any money”, that’s definitely not the case.

Also, a ~26% year on year increase in revenue after ten years? 😳 Wow.

Doubling down on… Private APIs?

Bear in mind that this tweet thread from Max Seelemann starts with the words “Rumor has it” and I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence of this happening yet? (Correct me if I’m wrong!) However, if this is true I also think it would be a shame. I think the imperfect, but reasonably effective system that’s in place right now is about right.

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High Quality Screencasts for iOS Developers

“It’s like having a personal senior developer” – This recent customer comment perfectly describes the value you get from NSScreencast. With regularly released screencasts on iOS and related topics, you can learn a lot without taking up much of your time. Invest in your career today, you won’t regret it! Get your 20% discount now.



Wouldn’t it be great if rdar:// links worked for all of us like they do for people who work inside Apple? Can Ethan Huang make that happen with this open source ? Well, no. Of course not! However, what he can do is make them open the corresponding Open Radar page. With Brisk supporting cross posting to Open Radar, we’re in a better place than we ever have been for filing bugs with Apple.


That 4TB disk option in the new MacBook Pro is a bit 💸💸💸 isn’t it! There is another way if you’re short on disk space though. This app will find old and (potentially) device symbols from previous point releases of iOS that you may no longer be with. I saved 10GB in a few seconds with this but if you have an older installation you’ll probably much more than that.

Showing Single Touches in the iOS Simulator

Great tip from Liam Nichols! This should be an option. 🕵️‍♂️



Want to debug your network calls with something built into your app (rather than something external) then this tool from Paolo Musolino might be just the thing you’re looking for. No code to integrate, just include the library and shake your phone.

Introducing the Open Source Twitter Network Layer Framework

Is this a networking library where every request only returns the first 280 characters of ? 🤣 No, of course it isn’t. Instead it’s a battle tested networking library built on of NSURLSession (naturally). Why should you use it? Nolan O’Brien gives you the low down.

Oh and, also in networking news this week.

SQL 2.0

No, not a new version of SQL 😀 but a new version of the SQL building library extracted from Vapor 3.0. The readme is…. minimal 😂 so you’ll want to head over to the docs instead! Also, from the Twitter thread there you might also be interested in FluentQuery.


What every product designer should take away from Lyft’s new UI

In what feels like a follow up to last week’s link about iOS UI moving south, Theo Strauss writes about the search field in the Lyft app. He points out that the HIG doesn’t say that search bars should be at the top of the screen, even though they often are but even the guidelines did say that, design rules are often made to be broken. Make what is important prominent, and reachable.

Business and Marketing

App Stores and Monetization

Carolina Milanesi with some interesting results from a survey of iOS and Android users. We’ve known for a long time that App Store customers are incredibly price sensitive, but this sentence particularly stood out for me:

In other words, great reviews, feature list, screenshots, and app description do not matter if the price is already beyond what the user perceives to be the right price for the app.

If you’ve not played with adjusting your pricing for a while, read this and give it another thought! Note that the survey only had 800 participants which makes the data much less useful but I still thought it was interesting.

And finally…

A Swift milestone

18,000 pull requests is amazing! 🤯

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