It’s been a quiet week apart from the beta 7/beta 8 dance, so let’s get straight to the links! 🚂

Dave Verwer


Making a more valuable resource for the Swift community

Compared to the sites for many open source projects I’d say is well above average, but is it as good as it could be? Apple are asking for feedback on what would make the more useful. There’s plenty of suggestions already but there’s always room for more!

Great resources for learning Swift

I noticed this interesting conversation on Twitter at the end of last week. I hadn’t looked at resources for beginners in a long time and found some in here that were new to me. It’s easy to forget that there are still people who are brand new to Swift, iOS, and even mobile development arriving every day! 🎉

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Paw | A native macOS app to Test & Document REST APIs

If you’re developing a mobile app, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with web APIs. Paw HTTP Client is a powerful tool to explore new APIs, share endpoint definitions (Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint) and generate ready-to-go code (Swift, ObjC, JS, and more)…


Print pointer addresses as emoji

This was very nearly this week’s “And Finally…” link. 😂 But the more I thought about it, the more I grew to love this idea from Jason Pepas. It turned from something that made me smile (and still does!) into something I think is a genuinely useful technique. 👍

Adding Spellchecking to Your Tests

I love the idea of adding automated spell checking of the comments in code. Quality is everywhere, especially if you’re generating documentation from comments. William Meleyal shows us how they did it over at PSPFSDFKit. 😀

iOS Project Environment Setup

Sebastian Messeb with a great to a few different techniques for automating the setup of your projects on a new machine. As your apps grow in size/complexity, or if you work as part of a larger team you’ll want to look at putting something like this together. It’ll make a good replacement for your out of date instructions, which I know is how you do it right now. 😎

Let it Rip

You all know I’m a sucker for a debugging story, I always learn something and this one from Daniel Jalkut was no different. This time it was regular expression breakpoints.


How to Build Swift Compiler-Based Tool

I came across this article from Krzysztof Siejkowski when he released this new obfuscater. I’m not a big believer in the need for obfuscation, but this article explaining how he built it is fascinating and definitely worth a read.

An iOS alert view with a text field and a “smart” OK button

I’m not a big fan of customising alert views. It’s usually a better idea to implement a new view controller and present it in some way, which doesn’t always need to be full screen! There are instances where it’s appropriate though and I think this customisation from Ole Begemann is a good example. It was also fun watching this project progress throughout the week.

Creating a Bottom Sheet

I’ve mentioned bottom sheets a couple of times recently but always in the Design section, with no code in sight. I liked Simon Kågedal Reimer‘s article on the subject, especially how he dealt with the scrolling complexities.

Scalable bulleted lists with UILabel or UITextView

Ben Dodson on this increasingly common use case now that Apple has adopted this kind of layout for a lot of “What’s new” UI. Oh and before you even say it… No, you shouldn’t just stick it in a web view! 😀


Sketch vs Adobe XD: A designers view

I’ve seen a lot of talk recently about Adobe XD. I haven’t had a Creative Cloud subscription for years now after I moved to Sketch being my design tool. What I didn’t realise is however is that XD is free, at least for how I need to use it. It’s not going to tempt me away from Sketch, but it’s now an additional tool that doesn’t involve a $50/month commitment. If you haven’t yet checked it out, Simon Fairhurst has a good comparison written up.


Become an iOS Developer at Young Mavericks (Amsterdam, NL)

Boost your career and apply for our notch iOS apprenticeship.

iOS Developer at Savvy Apps (Remote)

A successful remote company before being remote was cool. Come be Savvy.

iOS or Vapor Developer at Nodes (Prague, Czech Republic)

Fancy iOS or Server-side Swift development? We’re looking for new friends for our team!

And finally…

Slowly, but surely…

You can’t rush these things! 🐌

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