Do you often forget [weak self]? Here’s a solution

I’m a little conflicted about this library from Oleg Dreyman. Part of me says that anything that makes retain cycles harder to accidentally slip up with is great thing, and part of me says that if you hide retain cycles behind something automated then developers on your project could potentially get by without really understanding what they are. Overall, this seems like a win though.


One of the (small) frustrations of writing about iOS development “news” from week to week is that I rarely get to link to projects after they have grown from small beginnings to be well maintained, well documented, mature libraries that have had significant effort after that first release. I’m going to work on fixing that problem in the newsletter, but this tweet made me go and check out Layout from Nick Lockwood again. If you’re working with Auto Layout in code, this is a really comprehensive and well maintained library for keeping your code simple, or even for defining it with a readable XML format. Just like Android! 🤖

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