My has been rejected a number of times from the Store.

The guideline I have broken is:

2.3 – Performance –

We were unable to install the app on iPad and iPhone. The UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities in the Info.plist is set in such a way that the app will not install on an iPad and iPhone.

The first it was rejected, I realised that although I do not want my app to run on an iPad, it still needs to be able to run. So I fixed that issue and reuploaded.

The second time, I decided to just remove the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities altogether, but that still didn’t work.

I’m not a hardware guy, so I don’t really understand what needs to go there. It runs fine on all simulators, with or without that key.

EDIT: I asked them what devices it doesn’t work on and they simply replied that they have “tried the instalment on multiple devices” and were unable to install it.

I’m very confused because I am literally testing all devices on my Mac and they all work fine?

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