We are using cocoapods to link different together. We have a main project with a target (project1) that has 3 configurations release, debug and a duplicate of release, qa.

We have 3 external libraries that project1 depends on that are not cocoapod compatible, let’s call those external1, external2 and external3. Those external projects only have 2 configurations, the default release and debug.

Our Podfile looks like this:

platform :, '8.0'
workspace 'project1.xcworkspace'

pod ...
pod ...

target 'project1'
target 'project1-cal'

target 'external1' do
  project '[...]/external1.xcodeproj', 'qa' => :release

target 'external2' do
  project '[...]/external2.xcodeproj', 'qa' => :release

target 'external3' do
  project '[...]/external3.xcodeproj', 'qa' => :release

this setup fails when I try to build for Qa with the following error:

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error: /Applications/Xcode./Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/libtool: can't locate file for: -lPods-external1

The only way I can fix this is by manually adding qa configurations to external1, external2 and external3.

Can someone please help with this, by explaining what I am doing wrong? I lack some depth knowledge of how exactly cocoapod work.

N.B: Pods-external*.qa.xcconfig are being properly created by pod install in Target Support Files/Pods-external1 albeit they aren’t appearing in xcode and also no qa are being added.

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