At the annual Consumer Electronic Show () held in Las Vegas, United States, in January 2019, there was a concentration of products around smart speakers, next-generation mobility products as well as autonomous driving.

In June of the same year, Shanghai played host to CES Asia – the region’s version of the popular American event. According to the organisers, a total of 20 product categories were featured in Shanghai, the Internet of Things (). A total of 29 exhibitors showcased their IoT offerings at the event this year.

Ben Arnold, Senior Director of Innovation and Trends with the Consumer Technology Association, organiser of the CSA series, noted that there is a lot of innovation going on in the with respect to consumers bringing in new devices.

On the topic of 5G, Arnold observed believed that as the service gets rolled in the region, it will bring with it the emergence of more services-centric innovation – as opposed to just another physical product coming out to market.

“I think 5G unlocks the potential for smart cities, including smart grids, to operate more efficiently. I think those are some of the use cases for IOT particularly in Asia. A lot of that is being coloured by the anticipation for 5G,” commented Arnold.

He cautioned the potential for a fragmentation of platforms, and the need for interoperability between systems and platforms.

Watch the video as he offers his take on some of the key trends and considerations that will impact the rollout of IoT and 5G in the region.

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