You ever notice how more and more websites are removing their comment sections automatically?

Well I want to a browser extension that allows people to comment on any website, and it will store those comments on a separate domain. Note: There are already chrome extensions that do this, so this is not the part I am wondering about.

So the second part of this would be creating an for and iphone that runs in the background and does the following:

  • When a user is visiting a URL that has been commented on by someone using the extension, I need a little comment bubble to show up in the bottom corner of their browser window.

The reason I want the bubble to appear only on pages with comments on them is because I figure it would be highly annoying to have that comment bubble in your visual on every single page you have visited.

  • First question: Is it even possible that an app in the background can see the URLs you are visiting, and be able to place an image in the bottom right corner if condition is true?

  • Second question: What would be an easy way to allow a user to bring up the comment bubble (since it will be hidden on pages without comments) so that they would be able to make the first comment?

Third question: If some of these are not possible, is there a workaround solution?

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