When Home doesn’t respond to your voice , you face tough turning on smart tv and other Google home compatible smart devices. Well, this is one of the common issues Google Assistant users have to face. Thankfully, there are solutions; when your Google Home Mini or Google Home not responding, you can try some quick fixes.

The unresponsiveness of Google Home is primarily occurred due to intermittent power supply. So first you need to check whether a Google Home or Mini is powered on and plugged into a wall socket. Apart from this, there are a few check points you need to consider before you move onto our list of solutions to unresponsive Google Home or Mini.

Google Home Mini or Google Home Not Responding to Voice Commands  - Google Home Mini or Google Home Not Responding to Voice Commands - Is Your Google Home Not Responding to Voice Commands? Here is a Fix


Check the microphone: On your Google Home, touch the microphone mute button on the back; your Google Assistant will tell if the microphone is silent/muted or not.

On Google Home Mini, toggle the mic switch on the side of device. Assistant will speak if the microphone is muted or silent.

When you speak “OK Google” or “Hey Google”, the LED dot ring on Google Home top spins or blinks. Sometimes, Google Home is not responding OK Google or Hey Google.

If Google Assistant gives answers to other questions (and not the one you asked), you should ask your question in other manner.

After following above checklist, you can now perform below-mentioned solutions to fix your Google Home or Mini when it fails to respond your commands.

Google Home Mini or Google Home Not Responding: Check the Solutions

If your Google Home or Mini doesn’t reply even after performing initial troubleshooting, you can go for some detailed solutions given below.

Reboot Google Home

When your Google Home is down, the first thing that comes to your mind is to reboot. You are right; a simple reboot can fix some petty issues you are facing on your Google Home or Mini. To reboot your Home device, simply unplug the power cable from the back of your device, and after a couple of seconds, reconnect the same cable. Believe me this has fixed some issues like Wi-Fi disconnecting from Google Home devices.

Check that Google Home recognizes the hotword

When you speak the hotword – OK Google or Hey Google – an LED dot ring spins or blinks on the top of your Google Home; this indicates that your wake word is heard. If the ring doesn’t appear, your Google Home doesn’t listen to your commands.

Check that Google Home has understood your question

First, ask your Google Assistant the question again.

Then, say, “OK Google”, repeat the question; this will ensure that Google Home listened to your question properly.

If your Assistant still fails to understand or recognize your question, try to speak in low volume or ask another question.

Advanced troubleshooting

If the Google Assistant still not responding, you can submit a voice feedback report.

Just speak “Send Feedback.” Your Google Home will record your message and send the feedback once you explain the issue elaborately.

Wait until Google Home confirms that your feedback was submitted. Once your feedback is registered or submitted, Home will say: “Thanks, all feedback helps” or something similar.

While recording your message with description of problem, you can include the words ‘No answer’ supported with precise question your Home was not responding. You must include the words “no answer” in your description of problem.

If Nothing works,

Need more help? You can contact Google Home expert at 1-855-971-911.

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