I’m currently working on an that has an activity where you can -scale and scroll an image. The view has an inside a horizontalscrollview inside a scrollview. I’ve implemented pinch-scaling by changing the ScaleX and ScaleY of the . So far, everything works fine.

However, when the image is scaled above 0%, it becomes impossible to scroll to the edges, as the scrollviews still think its the original . I’ve tried calling UpdateView on the scrollviews, I’ve tried changing the ScaleX and ScaleY of the scrollviews- none of it works. I can’t seem to find any methods of ScrollView which control how much you’re allowed to scroll, or to set the resolution of the child object.

I feel like I must be missing something terribly obvious here as this is a pretty ubiquitous operation in the world. Can anyone help me out? FYI, I’m using Xamarin., however, I also speak Java and I think this is more an API issue than platform issue.

Thanks in advance.

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