Ah , the answer to – and cause of – all our problems on the today! Just kidding, jQuery has solved all our JS problems now…

But seriously, JS is a component of so much of what we build online these days and as with our other online things, the posture of it is enormously important to . Recently, I teamed up with good mate and fellow Pluralsight author Aaron Powell who spends his life writing JS things. We spoke about managing auth tokens, identity persistence across sessions, service workers, CORS, third party libraries (and their vulnerabilities), client side validation considerations, anti-forgery tokens and much, much more. This is a 1 hour and 13 minute “ by ” so it’s Aaron and I talking to the camera whilst doing demos. It’s easily consumable content and we reckon it came out !

Troy and Aaron  - play by play javascript security v1 - JavaScript Security Play by Play

So that’s the course in a nutshell, “Play by Play: JavaScript Security” is now live!

BTW – fun fact: Aaron was for introducing me to the folks at Pluralsight back in 20 which ultimately led to many courses and my independence from corporate life and indeed, life as I know it today. Thanks mate, I owe you a beer 🍺


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